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How does it feel to be a part of the Indian Defence forces? No doubt, ecstatic ! By being a part of the Indian Defence forces, you’ll be venerated with the status of a ‘Hero’. Isn’t that great? However, it’s not easy to join these elite forces. You need to channel through onerous written exams and SSB interviews. Well, at the end your hard work will be paid off. Every defence personnel relishes a number of privileges. Without a doubt, a job in the defence forces is the most prestigious.

There are a plethora of reasons that captivate the mind of youngsters and induce them to join the defence forces. The Indian Defence forces conduct myriad exams to churn out the best candidates. Many candidates after clearing their 12th class appear for the NDA exam. Preparing for this exam without guidance is quite hard. 

Here we have put down some prominent reasons that can persuade every youngster to join the Indian defence forces:

So, joining a reliable institute that is proficient in catering NDA coaching in Chandigarh can help candidates. Ever wondered, why youngsters have a never ending craze for defence jobs? The reasons are innumerable. 

  • Honourable job

Being a defence employee, you’ll get the opportunity to serve your homeland. It’s easy to live for yourself, but to keep your life on stake for protecting others is praiseworthy. Whereas, if you are working in a high-paying private job, you’ll not earn that respect and honour. Thus, to secure a respectable position in society, many youngsters work hard to join the forces.

  • Professional advantages

The Indian defence forces provide enough opportunities to shape your personality. Do you want to pursue higher studies after joining the forces? So, let us tell you that you’ll be free to pursue higher education during the job as well. It can benefit you post retirement as well. There are many private companies that wish to employ retired defence personnel.

Additionally, you’ll go through many training sessions during the job. These sessions will groom your personality. Moreover, it can shape you up as a disciplined individual. No other sector in India is as learning as the defence sector. So, aim high and work hard to join the Indian defence forces. 

  • Excitement and adventure

Unlike other sectors of government, jobs in the Indian defence forces are not monotonous. You’ll encounter various challenges daily and learn to tackle them. The Indian defence forces are not only limited to combating enemy attacks. They help scientists in various researches. Moreover, they conduct various rescue operations as well. So, you’ll be doing tasks like protecting the nation as well as helping the nation. If you are a lover of adventures, then do join the Indian defence forces.

The Indian Air force operates various rescue operations. Do you want to be a part of these forces? If yes, you need to crack the AFCAT exam. Preparing this exam without guidance can be difficult for you. So, connect with a marvellous institute that can provide the best AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh. 

  • Job security

We all know that the jobs of defence personnel are secure. They need to worry about their jobs, if the economy is running slow. Besides job security, they relish hefty pay packages. It is predicted that an officer in defence earns around Rs 70,000 a month. Why would anyone not like to earn this much money? It’s the attractive salary package as well that attracts a number of youth.

On the other hand, there’s not a single private company that’ll ensure your job security. So, isn’t it beneficial to join the Indian defence forces. You’ll not only earn a heavy salary but also pride and respect. 

  • Benefits post retirement

Defence personnel savour benefits not only on the job, but also after it. The Indian defence forces provide pension, gratuity and provident funds to their retired employees. Thus, defence employees need not to worry about their expenses post retirement. Moreover, training and experience on the job can help you find a lucrative private job post retirement. The post retirement benefits makes a major reason for youngsters to join the Indian defence forces.

  • Privileges for family

The employees of Indian defence forces not only get benefits for themselves only. They get privileges for their family members as well. officers/soldiers in the defence forces are eligible or following facilities:

  • Free schooling to children
  • Medical facilities to dependants
  • Loan facility
  • Canteen facility
  • Well-furnished accommodation
  • Free air tickets for yourself and family. 
  • Membership to various clubs and gyms. 
  • Physical fitness

To join the Indian defence forces, you need to maintain good physical health. Moreover, after joining the Indian defence forces, you’ll attend various training sessions. Those training sessions will help you build strong physical strength. Furthermore, you’ll adhere to a rigid schedule on the job that’ll make you more punctual. This thing can help you in other areas of life as well. So, after joining the defence forces you’ll follow a schedule that’ll ensure your good health.

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Many youngsters yearn to join the Indian defence forces just because it offers good salaries. However, there are multiple privileges that a defence employee relishes. If You don’t know what these benefits are, then read the afore-mentioned points. You’ll get to know how privileged the defence forces are.  So, make enough efforts to get selected in the defence forces and relish these benefits.

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