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The toy industry is expanding at a rapid pace and the competition across the market is uncontrollable. Kids never check the type of toy or its related details on the box; they just pick the one that appears most attractive. If you are producing some of the most exciting toys but still they are not becoming hot sellers, it means that you are missing a big marketing opportunity. The way you design your toy packaging plays an imperative role in advertising your brand more effectively in a retail environment. It can change the customers’ perspective about your products. A custom toy box gives good exposure to your brand. It provides an eye-catchy display of your products that is hard to ignore. Let us have a look at some of the ways to use toy boxes for your brand advertisement:

  1. Create an Attractive Outlay:

The external display of your packaging is the main thing that affects a brand and its worth in all aspects. When a customer comes to a retail store, he sets his eye on the outlay of your packaging box. If it seems fascinating, he goes for the purchase otherwise explores other options. Especially in the case of toys where kids are your main target market, a brand has only a single chance to impress them. Designing a perfect toy packaging can take your brand to the top. However, a dull and uninteresting one will make it unnoticed forever. It happens every day with many brands. To excite your target market, you will have to use an attractive color scheme, eye-catchy fonts, and enticing graphics. The more creative your custom toy box is the more exposure it gives to your brand.

  1. Pick up an Eco-Friendly Material:

The material you choose for your toy packaging plays an important role in building your brand image. Avoid using low-quality and unsafe material. In this eco-conscious world, businesses are looking forward to more sustainable choices. Going green is spreading like a fire. People are becoming more concerned about the hazardous consequences of the packaging they use. Choosing more sustainable options like paperboard or cardboard etc. puts a great impression on the customers that your brand cares about the environment. Such type of packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. It increases your brand acceptance in the market.

  1. Make it More Functional to Use:

Toy boxes that are more functional to use occupy a special place across the retail packaging sector. When a customer feels at ease in carrying the package or opening it conveniently, your brand comes at the top of his mind. Some of the designers work so creatively on their toy packaging that it can be used further to store the product. It acts as a bonus! Similarly, the use of transparent windows, die-cuts, build-in handles, or interactive buttons increases the livelihood of purchase.

  1. Think about the Experience:

A great unboxing is becoming one of the top-notch ways of brand advertisement. According to research, people remember those brands for a long which provide a wonderful unboxing experience to their customers. In the case of custom printed toy boxes, the businesses have an array of choices. You may design the package in a way to be a part of the play experience. For example, if you are selling dolls, think of providing a package that turns into secret lairs, castles, dollhouses, or anything similar. Such type of toy packaging takes the customer experience to a next level.

  1. Be Playful with the Shape:

It is true that if you want to advertise your toy business more effectively then create a packaging that appeals to both, the children and the parents. In addition, to choosing attractive colors and graphics, being playful with the box shape is another way to make your products stand out. This trick is good for improving your brand image as well. Look for some trendy and innovative shapes like gable boxes, flip-top boxes, hexagonal boxes, and a lot more! You may also contact a packaging expert who guides you in this aspect.

  1. Choose a Creative Logo:

Going for a creative logo on your toy boxes is another useful way of increasing your brand awareness. The customers might forget the brand name, but the logo is the thing that makes your products recognizable on shelves. Designing a creative logo can bring more uniqueness to your custom printed toy boxes. It makes your packaging different from hundreds of similar-looking items on shelves. Sometimes a simple and creative logo gives a more professional display than a packaging boxes designed by using an array of colors and complex printing designs. When your boxes will appear so attractive the customers will never think to try any other brand.

  1. Interesting Customizations and Illustrations:

To create a toy packaging that speaks for itself, there are uncountable customization options. You can choose from a variety of shapes, colors, dimensions, and designs to create your toy boxes more attractively. Customize them by using window cut-outs to enable the kids to have a view of the product even before purchase. Another easy way is to go for interesting illustrations and cool animations. Kids are always attracted to such characters. Highlight them by using bright, eye-catchy colors to introduce a bit of creativity. These tricks will help your brand in gaining more attention and a better advertisement by using toy boxes.

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