Urologist Highland gives his perspective on vasectomies, the procedure he has done thousands of times over his 30-year career and one that many men are considering as an alternative to more mainstream methods of birth control. The issue here in Texas, and probably in other states, he says, is that so many men are going away to get their vasectomy because they are afraid to go see their family doctor or their urologist because they think they’re going to make fun of them or talk them out of it. Read on below to hear Dr.

What You Can Expect?

At my first appointment, I was given information about vasectomies, which included recovery and risks. In addition, I was allowed to watch a video of a vasectomy being performed. It was important to me that I understood everything that was going to happen in order for me to make an informed decision. After weighing all of my options, including how long it would take my wife and me to decide on another method of birth control if we wanted one in the future, we decided that having me have a vasectomy made sense for our family and situation.

How Does It Work?

First, a physician performs a thorough examination of your reproductive organs. Then, we cleanse and shave your scrotum area to give us access to each testicle. After making an incision in each vas deferens (the tube where sperm pass through), we sever them. Next, we’ll seal each vas deferens using heat via cautery or via ligation (tying off) with a small piece of absorbable material. Finally, you are wrapped in gauze and allowed to rest for 20-30 minutes before going home again. Most men return to work after 24 hours but don’t lift anything heavy for 2-3 weeks after vasectomy surgery.

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What’s Involved?

In most cases, vasectomies are performed under a local anesthetic. This means that you will only experience some mild discomfort during and after surgery. After you’ve been placed under anesthesia, Dr. Lamb-Shaw will make an incision in your scrotum, then cut and seal each of your two vas deferens tubes in turn. Your urologist highland will then apply a small band around each tube to stop it from reconnecting with sperm cells as they continue to form in your testicles, making pregnancy impossible until your vasectomy is reversed or until it’s medically safe for you to have another child.

Should I Do It?

When choosing a vasectomy, there are many questions and concerns. Will it hurt? How long does it last? When will I be able to have sex again? We took some time to speak with Dr. Chris Thompson, a urologist in highland, to get an inside look into the vasectomy procedure and find out if it’s right for you. According to Dr. Thompson, vasectomies are one of his most popular procedures. Vasectomies are a fantastic option for male birth control because they’re simple and effective, he says. For men who want permanent birth control without surgery or hormones, a vasectomy is usually their best option—and it could be yours too!

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