The stem and vein of kratom plants have a specific color. You’ll see this color if you look closely. The color could be either red, white, or green. Kratom types are generally divided into red-vein, white-vein, or green vein. The reason for different colors is the different chemical compositions. This explains the various effects of each color. Only the leaf of the kratom plant should be taken because the stem and vein will be removed during the grinding process.

These kratom strains (red, green, or white-vein) thrive in different conditions and contain various alkaloids responsible for the other effects. The different effects of each vein strain make them more suited for specific purposes.

  • Red Vein Kratom

This strain is abundant in Southeast Asia and is more persistent than other Mitragyna Speciosa trees. The red vein kratom can be easily identified by its red stem and veins. According to some studies, this plant red also makes it less vulnerable to external factors.

  • Green Vein Kratom

If you come across a product that is made from green vein kratom, you should be aware that it originated from leaves that were somewhere in the middle of their maturation process. Also, this does not indicate that the kratom product has a low or medium-grade level of potency or quality. It simply shows that the veins had attained a specific level of maturity when the leaves were picked (the point at which all the positive attributes are at their highest). Most people prefer the green vein kratom over the white or red type.

  • Red, white or green kratom?

Kratom can be quite complicated because you can experience varying effects within the same strain color. Results within the same strain color vary depending on location, climate, harvesting method, quality, etc.

Your personal preferences and the present situation will determine whether to buy white Thai kratom capsules or wholesale red Thai kratom capsules, whatever strain is most appropriate for you. These varying effects apply to all color strains, even if you buy white Thai kratom capsules.


What has been explained, at best, are general guidelines for each kratom strain? To decide which strain is the perfect choice, you should order a kratom sample pack. You can order wholesale red Thai kratom capsules. This will contain different strains in powder. You can then try each one to determine the most appropriate one.



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