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Online shopping allows consumers to buy goods and services over the internet with just many clicks. In the way clothes, groceries, drugs, and numerous other effects we get delivered to our home. Numberwala is India’s first and fastest online SIM delivery platform that provides Online VIP Mobile Numbers at home within two hours. It’s an arising online platform that started its unique service in 2005 from Delhi NCR and provides all kinds of SIM card connection conditions. You can buy a new SIM card, port your number, or can get a fancy number with a few clicks on your mobile or desktop. 

Numberwala is an online platform that can break all your mobile connection-related issues. By simply visiting the you can get a new SIM card within two hours, you can also get a VIP mobile number or can even port your number to any operator like Jio, Airtel, Vi, or BSNL. All these installations are being handed out without any redundant charges. 

Services Handed By Numberwala 

 Numberwala is a unique online platform that provides us with a chain of telecom services and has a result to nearly all telecom-related problems. Numberwala has surfaced as a boon to millions of people to save their time and keep them safe in this hard time of Covid- 19 epidemic. A number of services handed by Numberwala are enlisted below 

1) Prepaid New connection Now Numberwala has made it easy to buy a new prepaid connection online. Buy any repaid telecom operator by opting for your plan and placing an order. You can choose prepaid connection plans from the following telecom operator

  •  Airtel Prepaid SIM 
  •  Jio Prepaid SIM 
  •  Vi ( Vodafone Idea Prepaid  SIM) 
  • BSNL Prepaid SIM 

2) Postpaid new connection Buying a postpaid SIM card online is veritably accessible with Numberwala. It’ll be delivered to your door within 2 hours of your order. Select your telecom operator, Select your plan and also place your order. Select airtel postpaid or Vodafone postpaid connection to mileage postpaid services. 

 3) Port number If you aren’t happy or want to port your number to any other telecom service, it can be done fluently on Numberwala within 5 working days without wasting time. It’s veritably easy to port mobile numbers to Jio/ Airtel/ Vodafone Idea/ BSNL 

4) Fancy/ choice number In case you want to select a mobile number of your choice, you can get it without paying redundant or staying for too long, just within two hours of order at your door. Getting a Jio fancy number is easy at Numberwala. 

Numberwala’s main motive is to give its guests with the stylish service and make effects easy and accessible for them when it comes to mobile connections. The telecom mates of are 

  • Airtel 
  •  Vi( Vodafone Idea) 
  •  Jio 
  •  BSNL 

Numberwala is a good service provider. It’s a top- rated and well-reputed telecom service provider with excellent reviews about its service in delivering SIM cards within two hours, porting a number, and other installations that they give. List of effects they do in their service 

  • Free delivery of SIM cards within two hours. 
  • It takes only 5 twinkles to complete Digital KYC formalities at the time of delivery. 
  • It’s easy to buy SIM cards, and other installations in comparison to stores. 
  • It takes lower than 15 twinkles to get paperless moment activation of your SIM card. 
  • No redundant charges are applied for a new SIM card, Port number or to get a fancy number. 
  • The platform uses secure payment methods. However, COD is also available, If you don’t want to pay online. 
  • Tracking of your order is also available until your order has not been delivered. 
  • Numberwala has a supporting client support service. They’re always kind and helpful. 
  • This website has thousands of figures to choose from. 

Spreading Its bodies 

Numberwala with great service furnishing installations started 17 Years ago in Delhi NCR, and within a veritably limited time period, it has spread its bodies in 30 big metropolises of India and is constantly growing. All major metropolises where Numberwala is working are Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Bhopal, Mysore, Nagpur, Nasik, Meerut, Jaipur, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Gandhinagar, Indore. We’re growing in further metropolises. 


Numberwala is an India-based gate, whose main end is to give service to telecommunication. It supports entrepreneurs and gives voice to the watchword ‘ Oral for Original ’. Numberwala with this fantastic idea intends to help people to avoid wasting time when they can get effects at their door with many clicks. It’s a must-try service.

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