Hey! Are you a tech freak? Do you want to know how drone survey operations are conducted? – Then, do not worry. By going through this material, you will be able to get to know everything regarding how it’s managed with software, which is mostly known as UGCS DJI. So, without wasting time, let’s jump into the subject to know about it.

What Basically UGCS Software is?

UGCS is an easy-to-use application, which is utilized to plan and conduct drone survey-mission effectively. In addition to backing on almost any UAV platform, UGCS can offer compatible tools for linear and aerial surveys that enables direct control of drones. Professional land survey mission planning can also be done by “UGCS for DJI” by utilizing photogrammetry technology.

Why will You Contemplate this UGCS Software for DGI?

Software plays an immense part-to-put in the connection between the DJI drone and UGCS for the desktop. If you have the intention to fly the UAVs in a Click-Go mode or have the intention to upload and carry out an earlier planned mission, then there are no other alternatives than them. A standalone application is utilized for manual fittings of DJI drones or capturing photos and videos.

Vital Welfares of UGCS at an Affordable Rate:-

So, here lie the most evidential points of welfare. Let’s see them one by one –

  • Secures time and money: – UGCS is very much compatible with almost any kind of drone than the competitive market’s lower rates. Therefore, you do not have to hover over the search for different software. The import KML details and route creation is provided by the manufacturers, which is going to secure much of your juncture. So, you are going to save most of your time and money.
  • Improves examining efficacy: – You can improve the data capture efficiency by roughly about 2-fold with the built-in automated photogrammetry planning tool. Moreover, in case you are in a deserted location with no internet signal can still plan and conduct your operations due to the inbuilt map caching competence in which UGCS software comes at nominal rates. Resuming flights from a specific landmark after a battery change has been used very smoothly, with lower UGCS rates compared to competitive markets.
  • Expand the safety of your flight: –Precision and protection are the foremost precedences to conduct the operation of the landscape. The employment of a pre-installed or most accurate DEM statistic provided by the UGCS software can indubitably help you. Synchronization of an authorized flight range and NO Fly Zones can be conducted with UGCS at economical rates for a company as per regulatory requirements.

Therefore, these are all about the welfare of this utility application of drones. Apart from these, there are many other points which you will be entice once you start studying on them

The Essential Traits of “UGCS for DJI”: –

So, let’s now see the essential traits of this application –

  • UGCS plays the most crucial part to put up a connection with the desktops.
  • With the assistance of UGCS to DJI drones by desktop, you can upload planned and calculated missions.
  • Farther with its advantageous utilization, you can begin uploading your operation in inherent mode or manual.
  • You can also have the option of manual flight mode and flight stimulator that provides you the power of regulating the drones just at your fingernails.
  •  Live view with a full-fledged HD camera is also possible only through UGCS.
  • With this, the camera settings and controls are in your hands and you can capture photos and videos as you wish.
  • With “UGCS for DJI,” you can reset your home position or command your vehicle to return to its home position.
  • Telemetry data usage for DJI supports as well as metric and imperial units.

The Desktop Version of UCGS

UGCS is one of the excellent applications that is practically been used to conduct and initiate drone survey operations. UGCS for DJI is especially been outlined for all types of central management and in the production of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). So, you can trade in one or a fleet of drones on a single mission in multi-platform environments and a multi-operator model.

Video Streaming With DGI:-

DGI drones incorporated the following materials for video streaming:-

  1. Set up UGCS Enterprise on a Windows OS computer with the following elements:-
  • UGCS from the key application-installer.
  • The Video server and UGCS video player are derived from the UGCS video installer.
  1. Android tablet with UGCS software for DGI.

If the Windows computer/ laptop or the Android mobile sets are connected to the same WIFI network, then the push button connection will occur between these components. Or-else, manual configuration will be needed.

We expect that all of your questions have been resolved with a thorough study regarding it. Please let us know how fruitful it has been for you by leaving your comments below.

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