Wondering what is golden visa UAE? If you are not familiar with the golden visa UAE then you have landed in the right place. The UAE golden visa is actually the special residency visa that allows the applicant to stay in any part of the United Arab Emirates for up to ten years. Now there are tons of benefits that you can enjoy by having the golden visa. In this post we have discussed some of the most popular benefits and perks of having the golden visa.

Top benefits of having a golden visa UAE!

Wondering how to get UAE golden visa, you should know that this kind of visa can only be applied for from the embassy. You need to complete the requirements to get this kind of visa. Now here are some of the pros of having the golden visa.

You can get extended residency rights

The golden visa UAE was introduced in 2019. With this visa you can easily enjoy an extended residency allowance of ten years. The conventional visa lets you live in the UAE for not more than three months. If you apply for the residency visa needs to be renewed every three years. The golden visa doesn’t need to be renewed for ten years.

You can enjoy self-sponsored work

The golden visa UAE holders cannot only live in the emirates but can also get the benefit of working in the country. One can easily get local or international employment with companies when they are on the golden visa. Golden visa holders do not require a separate work visa. To get the visa you need to first check out the UAE golden visa requirements.

You can sponsor family members and helpers

Another benefit of getting golden visa UAE is that you can easily sponsor your family members. Your spouse, parents and children can be sponsored without any hassle if you have the golden visa. Now you must know that the perk of sponsorships doesn’t end here. You can also sponsor domestic help from your resident country. The golden visa doesn’t limit you as per how many employees you can call upon for support. To apply for sponsorship you just need to get the UAE golden visa application as a sponsor.

You can get extended time outside UAE

Another benefit of getting a golden visa UAE is that it allows you to spend time outside UAE for an extended period of time. The validity of a visa is not at all affected if one has the golden visa UAE. The standard visa would be canceled if you spend more than six months out of UAE.

You can get exclusive health care packages

The standard UAE visa doesn’t allow you to have health care in the UAE. You would need to get health insurance and special programs for health support. But if you have a golden visa UAE then you don’t need to have any kind of additional insurance. 

These are some of the common benefits of having a golden visa in the UAE.

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