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As the name suggests an above ground pool varies from the traditional in-built pool. A pool is considered an above ground pool if its sides are exposed four inches above ground. This blog will help you in making an informed decision about the type of above ground pool that can be installed by pool companies in Atlanta.

Atlanta Pool Builders define types of pools

There are five types of above ground pools to choose from:

  •       Hybrid
  •       Resin above ground pools
  •       Semi-In- Ground pool
  •       Rolled wall aluminum pool
  •       steel pools

Semi-In-Ground Pool:

It is a pool that is buried half way in the ground. It has the benefits of both above the ground and in ground pools. They are cost effective. They have lower cost to build and maintain than in-ground pools. Semi-in-ground pools are made up of ¼ “thick aluminum slats that’s are joined together. For people who want a concrete or a wooden deck, who want to use fewer materials for construction or have a sloppy backyard Semi-in-ground pools is an ideal choice. Apart from that, areas where there is more salt concentration in water, it is an ideal choice as it I made up of thick aluminum hence no salt deposits or rust is in question.

Rolled Wall Aluminum Pool

Rolled wall aluminum pools are made up of one continuous sheet of Aluminum. Mostly the rolled wall pools are made up of steel but here the pool and all its components are made up of Aluminum. Pool companies I Atlanta install them because it does not rust and is good in areas with salty water. Its cost varies between semi-in-ground pools and resin pools.

Resin Above Ground Pools

Resin above ground pools were first introduced by a company named ‘Aqua Leader’ in 1980’s. Over the period of time, its structure has been fine tuned. While choosing a resin above ground pool Atlanta pool builders look at the few factors like

Resin material

The quality of resin being used comes in question by pool companies in Atlanta when it comes to resin material pools. It is mostly a choice between

  •       Synflex resin or
  •       a lower quality resins

The lower quality resin gets soft during high temperatures and formation of cracks are reported when the weather is cold. If you want it for longer period than Synflex resin is the choice for pool companies in Atlanta. It is also known as Talc filled resin. Companies that work for pool installation in Atlanta opts for Synflex resin pools in areas with salt water sanitation and the weather changes also have minimum impact on its durability.


Resin material helps in providing the pools a modern out look as compared to steel pools. As Resin can be colored hence, they can also be color customized giving a very unique and distinctive look.


Resin pools are a good del for families that wat to have a pool and family fun time. It is a fraction of a cost of in ground pools hence providing fun and luxury both. Its price ranges between rolled aluminum and hybrid Pools.

Steel Pools

Since the beginning of above ground pools, steel pools have existed. Time and technology have fine-tuned these pools. In today’s era if people think of steel pools, they are transported back in time with fake wooden walls and appealing aesthetical element missing but that is not the case. Mostly pool installers prefer steel pools over the other style of pools coz of its strength, durability and longevity. The size of the pool impacts the strength and durability of the pool. Generally, the larger the pool the stronger it is considered. It is considered to be the first choice of pool builders especially after new protective coatings like plastic, Dura-Tax, Texture-Kote, Poly-Enamel, Zic-guard 275 and many more. Thsee protective coatings help the steel pools last twenty years or more. They are the most cost-effective pools with easy installation.

Hybrid Above Ground Pool

As the name suggests it is an amalgamation between resin and steel pools. It has characteristics of a resin pool and is famous for its strength as a steel pool. Its features help the pool builders achieve the modern look, if the client is looking for.


If you are still unable to identify the best above ground pool for your back yard than you can always call Sandal Luxury pool, one of the reliable pool companies in Atlanta.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a pool professional?

Ans: A pool professional is also known as a swimming pool technician or a pool cleaner. The job description of a pool professional includes cleaning the pools and providing repair services for pumps, filters and other pool equipment.

Q: How do pool businesses make money?

Ans: A pool business owner generates positive ROI by providing

  •       variety of services
  •       customized services/ deals according to the requirements of the client
  •       creating a online presence
  •       providing quality services
  •       using new technology and innovation to make their services better and much more.

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