This is the age of cutting-edge advanced technologies. Things are turning out to be more advanced, smarter, and even utmost compact continuously because of technical advancements. From smart lads to even smart phones computer systems to even electronic appliances, everything is constantly evolving because of proper integrated circuits (ics).  You can make the most of ic package design  and even customized computing  once you explore it. You can even  check out democratized ic design options too. 

Integrated circuit or even generally known as “ic” is a kind of circuit wherein elements are interconnected and associated so that they cannot simply be separated in quite a small space. It means that ic itself is a huge circuit which can contains several different smaller type of circuits. Circuit elements includes resistors, transistors, capacitors etc. The most fundamental element is going to be transistor.

An advanced task 

Ic design is one of the most progressively advanced as well as one of the most complicated engineering tasks in modern world. The aim of ic design is to simply form up a circuit that have a desired functionality. For example, an ic that can decode the overall incoming weather messages and even notify the users. 

Moreover, the fundamental type of blocks of integrated circuit design can be known as transistors, resistors, capacitors, and even wires. These elements are unified to develop building blocks like logic gates, or amplifiers. Such building blocks are absolutely interconnected to form more complicated designs to achieve more advanced functionality like buffers, flip flops, multipliers, etc. This procedure continues to develop that results in formation of some of the most complicated circuits like microprocessors etc.

The circuit elements in any ic design are formed up of miniaturized components that are actually developed on any semiconductor substrate (like silicon, germanium) making use of a complicated process known as photolithography. This procedure is something that includes creation of diverse types of geometric shapes on the proper substrate in which the electrical properties of the region described by the shape. These circuit elements get formed up once combined such geometrically shaped areas or regions.

Design categories 

In a broad sense , integrated circuit (ic) design can get categorised into analog and even digital design. Analog ic design has proper specializations in power ic design as well as rf ic design. Analog ic design is somewhat used in the design of overall op-amps, phase locked loops, linear regulators, oscillators and active filters and it is even more concerned with the physics of the semiconductor devices like gain, power dissipation, matching, and resistance. Fidelity of analog signal amplification and even overall filtering is usually crucial and as a result, analog ics makes use of massive area active devices than that of any sort of digital designs and are generally less dense in overall circuitry. 

Digital ic design is to simply generate components like microprocessors, even fpgas (field programmable arrays), digital asics and memories (ram, rom, and flash). Digital ic design specifically concentrates on maximizing circuit density, logical correctness, and placing circuits so that clock and even timing signals get routed efficiently. The point is whether digital or hardware engineering service, you should take the help of experts to make the best choices.

Application particular ic

Well, an ic or integrated circuit that is built for a particular or customised use, rather than general use can get named application specific ic. For example, a chip designed specifically to run a laptop is that of an asic. There are numerous perks of using application specific ics and some of them are like:

  • They have higher level of reliability than general purpose ics as they are particularly customised to serve a specific function. 
  • They own a quicker turn-around time (i.e. Total time taken between the overall submission of a program for execution and the general return of the complete output to user.) 
  • They are absolutely more secure and cannot simply get exploited easily. 
  • They own a lower level of non-recurring costs i.e. The unusual charge, expense or even loss that infrequently occurs again in the regular period of the overall function. 
  • They show better type of performance than general sort of purpose ics.
  • They make a lot more efficient use of board space. 
  • It is somewhat easier to incorporate distinct type of features and fine-tune the overall product.

Ic design styles

There are numerous designs like:

Full custom design

A full custom design simply means designing integrated circuits by particularising the layout of each transistor and the interconnections between them. This type of design potentially maximizes the performance of the chip, and even reduces its area, but is extremely labour-intensive to implement that simply means higher production costs. This design is restricted to ics that are to get fabricated in extremely high volumes. The time taken to simply design an ic is long and even slow. A full-custom ic encompasses some logic cells that are absolutely customized and all mask layers that are customized. Therefore, full-custom ics are somewhat the most expensive to manufacture and design. For example microprocessors. 

Gate array design

This gate array is an approach to simply the design and manufacture of application-specific integrated circuits  or (asics) which uses a prefabricated silicon chip circuit with no type of particular function that has transistors, standard nand or nor logic gates, and even other active devices placed at regular type of predefined positions as well as manufactured on a wafer, together known as the gate array circuit. Some areas of the chip (transistors) are pre-fabricated, and other parts (wires) are simply custom fabricated according to customer requirements as well as the circuit is accomplished by adding different layers of metal that blend to the chips.  Also, there are two kinds of gate array, known as , Channeled Gate Array and Channel-less or even Sea-of-Gates Gate Array. Channels are the devoted areas on a GA chip for intercell overall routing between rows or even columns of MOS transistors.  


To sum up , you can check out all the ic options and even explore embedded electronic system design alternatives to choose the one that fulfils your needs to the most.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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