top commerce courses in bangalore after 12th

There are various Undergraduate commerce courses in Bangalore available for commerce students. These include diverse management programs and the demand for such courses is on the rise. All these management courses are designed to train professionals for the industry. However, no matter what course you select, it’s highly recommended to check out all of Russell Brunson Resources to make yourself confident in marketing, selling, management, and in the overall business.

BBA Course

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year professional undergraduate business management program that teaches students from all academic backgrounds, including science, arts, and commerce with managerial and entrepreneurial abilities. Many BBA specialities are available, including Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource Management.

  • Course And Fees

Top BBA Colleges in Bangalore, India will make BBA Admissions decisions based on merit and entrance examinations in 2022. Some top BBA colleges such as Ramaiah Institute Of Business Studies RIBS BANGALORE are quite popular. Some other prestigious colleges are there in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, and Delhi.

BBA course costs might range from Rs.60,000 to Rs.24,50,000 Indian rupees. The average course fee for BBA programs at colleges in Mumbai ranges from INR 2,08,000 to 3,68,000.

  • Syllabus

The BBA Syllabus is created to give students the necessary business administration abilities. Principles of Management, Macroeconomics, Human Behaviour and Ethics at Work, Management Accounting, Banking, and Insurance are among the most common BBA subjects. Financial accounting, macroeconomics, microeconomics, quantitative techniques, and other topics are covered in the first year of the BBA.

  • Scope

The BBA curriculum emphasizes the market and the industry. After completing the course, students get decent BBA jobs. The typical BBA wage ranges from INR 2,50,000 to INR 10,000,000. There are numerous BBA course options in Bangalore, India, including BBS, BMS, BBA-FIA, and BBA(Hons). After BBA, some students continue their education by taking MBA courses.

B .COM Course

A Bachelor of Commerce, or B.Com, is a three-year undergraduate degree. After completing management from commerce colleges in Bangalore there are different Career options including Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Cost and Work Accountancy (CWA), and Insurance & Banking services are made possible by a B.Com.  A B.Com degree increases familiarity with the business’s financial framework.

  • Syllabus

One hundred marks, including 20 for internal evaluation and 80 for the external examination, are assigned to each B Com topic. BCom courses are broken up into six semesters over three years. Candidates must take one elective each year, such as English, Economics, or Philosophy, in addition to 4 core studies covering topics like Accounting, Banking, and Finance.

  • Scope

After earning their B.Com degree, students can either pursue MCom, CA, or MBA degrees or else work in B.Com-related fields such as tax consulting, stock trading, auditing, lecturing, and insurance consulting.

The integrated BCOM course after 12th along with M.Com is becoming more and more well-liked among students.

Graduates of B.Com programs can expect to make between INR 1,44,000 and INR 4,32,000 per year.

BBA LLB Course

Graduates of the five-year Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor of Legislative Law (BA LLB) programme receive a professional degree. In BBA LLB integrated law program, candidates are taught legal and business administration-related material.  Following that, candidates from the legal profession receive instruction in areas such as civil law, criminal law, administrative law, property law, family law, administrative law, tort law, and similar ones.

  • Entrance Exam

The BBA LLB Program requires applicants to take several entrance tests at the national and state levels. Some of these well-liked BBA LLB admission tests are listed below.

CLAT: The CLAT Consortium administers the Common Law Admission Test on a national level. It is only held once each year in June to admit students to the 120 universities nationwide that provide undergraduate law studies. It is a two-hour, 150-point online test administered this way.

  • Career

The BBA LLB program’s scope includes being a corporate lawyer, an advocate, or working in any other legal-related position. The student has several options to work in reputable law firms around the nation, in multinational corporations as a legal advisor, or independently as a lawyer or advocate. The average BBA LLB salary will range from INR 2–10 lakhs per year, depending on one’s experience, expertise, and talents.


After completing their 12th year of school, commerce students have a wide range of employment alternatives to choose from. Both professional training and degrees offer tremendous potential and career prospects both in India and abroad.

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