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Schooling is the most important part of the life of every individual, so one should get a proper education in English medium school in Jaipur. The school life of a student is the base for their excellent future if one acquires basic education properly then one can have a bright future. School education not only revolves around bookish knowledge apart from this school focuses on the all-round development of the students. One of the top school in Jaipur is VSI International English Medium School and it is also available for students of Arts, Commerce, and Science.

VSI International School in Jaipur supports the overall progression of the student, so it is considered to be the top school in Jaipur. The faculty here are very friendly and put their best to take out the finest ability of the student. Everyone has a different personality, and each student’s hobbies, preferences, and aversions are distinct from one another. The teacher in the top school in Jaipur figures out the uniqueness of the child and helps them progress in their respective field.

Admission Query (2022-23)

One can visit the school premises and get an admission form in the reception. The documents to be submitted with the form are clarified in the form plus the registration fee should therefore be submitted with the form. The top school in Jaipur has rolled out a few criteria for the students of playgroup and nursery. The students to be enrolled for playgroup should be around 2.6 yrs whereas the child opting for nursery education needs to be above 3yrs of age. For the elder student, there are no specific criteria regarding age, the rest of them are mentioned in the form.

Facilities Rendered By The Top School In Jaipur

Our country has developed in many spheres and one of them is school, the schools nowadays impart the supreme facilities to the students which contribute to the advancement of the student. The top school in Jaipur sets out the innovative facilities for the students, some of them are as follows:-

  • Readers core:- The library is the point from where the student obtains immense knowledge concerning all and any. Here the students can sit and explore their awareness in the relevant field.
  • Smart learning room:- Technology has taken the world today so to walk hand in hand with it one has to know how to use it, the top school in Jaipur designed the school with the uses of the latest technology within the classroom, so the students can be benefited with it.
  • Playing field:- The playing field is the heart of the school, without it the school seems incomplete, so here the top school in Jaipur grants the students an enormous playground equipped with appliances for the children to play.
  • Computer laboratory:- Computer education has taken the utmost important space in the recent academic session. The erudition in the computer is extremely essential, and valuable, presently there is massive scope in the computer sector.
  • Activity chamber:- In this chamber, the students can discover their abilities and their interest, numerous activities and instruments are assembled in the activity room.
  • Mathematics room:-  In the top school in Jaipur one can observe new methods of learning math by utilizing various fun instruments.
  • Conveyance:-  The school sets out the facility of transportation, the students are provided with an Ac bus. The divers and operators of the vehicle are fully trained.
  • Collateral of the students:- The top school in Jaipur deals with the safety of each student.

Rewards And Awards

The top school in Jaipur motivates the students by rewarding them in numerous fields. Awards in a way are very helpful for the good growth of the human being. Since childhood, if we do anything well we are rewarded and we feel like doing it even better so awards are considerably important in the academic session. A few awards are as follows:-

  1. All Rounder Student
  2. Exemplary Monitor
  3. Supreme scorer Student
  4. 100 % Attendance
  5. Finest Student

Fee Configuration

  • The fee once if given then it cannot be remunerated.
  • The top school in Jaipur has set certain instructions for the payment of the fee, the fee of each month should be paid within the 15th of the respective month.
  • If one pays a late fee then they should pay the fine of Rs 10 per day.
  • The entry of the student in the school possibly canceled if the fee is not paid at the appropriate time.
  • If by any circumstances the cheques given by parents bounce then its the parent’s responsibility to face the bank charges and the penalization.

Address Of The Top School In Jaipur

The address of the top school in Jaipur is extremely handy and one can reach there by any mode of transport and the address is Vsi International School, Sec, 5 Pratap Nagar, Tonk Road Sanganer, Jaipur (Raj) 302033.

Contact Details

One can visit the website of the top school in Jaipur, for further information a person can use email and the mail id is One can also dial in the number  9309305656 and 0141-2793080 for an appointment or any queries.

The top school in Jaipur is the most sought out school for the benefits of the student. It develops the personality of the student in the proper way, the school provides opportunities to the students to explore themselves.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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