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Do you want to preserve the planet? If you are majoring in environmental studies or environmental science (ES), you are putting yourself in a position to pursue various jobs related to that field.

ES majors firmly root their idealism in the realm of reason. You must be able to comprehend and apply challenging ideas from biology, chemistry, geology, and physics as a student studying this subject. Additionally, you will discover how to use quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques for problem-solving and reading study data. You may develop research models to examine environmental challenges by using your imagination.

In the end, your professional path will rely on the particular configuration of talents, interests, and values you bring to the table. You can join a leadership team as the chief sustainability officer.

You can take up environmental science course or Even an MS in environmental science is possible. Students and teachers working to address critical ecological challenges have access to cutting-edge research facilities through the MS in Environmental Science program. The MSES is a two-year course. It is designed for those people who desire to attend graduate full- or part-time while balancing their professional and personal aspirations.

If you’re interested, Bharati Vidyapeeth (BVIEER) university’s Institute of Environment Education and Research is a perfect choice to do a master’s in environmental science. One of the top environmental science colleges in Pune, Maharashtra.

Top Jobs for Environmental Studies Majors

Environmental Consultant

Environmental impact studies are required for all organizations when they seek to develop the undeveloped property or use already built land for different use. As an environmental consultant, you will utilize analytical methods to evaluate the potential effects of development projects on the local water, soil, air, or wildlife.

You will provide recommendations for strategies to reduce possible consequences when adverse effects are discovered. In other situations, groups could hire you to discuss current issues—like pollution—and provide solutions. PayScale estimates that the average yearly compensation for environmental consultants is $55,966.

Environmental Educator

As an environmental educator, you may benefit from ES majors’ comprehensive perspective on ecological concerns. You’ll learn about the environment in and around your practice area and rely on your education to gather, analyze, and perform fieldwork.

Salary: Environmental educators make an average compensation of $50,900 per year, according to Glassdoor.

Public Relations Specialist

Environmental organizations must sway public opinion to get political and financial support for their activities. The skills you learned as an ES major will come in handy as a public relations professional or part of the communications team when writing press releases regarding events and initiatives at your employer’s or client’s businesses. Your writing abilities will be put to use by creating material for environmental organizations’ websites and helping to write letters and brochures for fundraising.

Pay: The typical annual compensation for public relations professionals is $61,150, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Environmental Attorney

Your scientific expertise will be helpful if you pursue a legal career after receiving your ES degree since it will help you deal with clients with environmental problems. You’ll need to analyze scientific data, assess its trustworthiness, and understand its validity.

Salary: According to ZipRecruiter, environmental lawyers average $74,569 a year.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers are frequently tasked with developing and implementing the technological solutions needed to address environmental pollution or contamination issues. Designing environmental technology in this position requires you to draw on your understanding of ecological science, and estimating the physical dimensions of systems requires you to use the mathematical abilities you honed as an ES major.

PayScale estimates that the average yearly income for environmental engineers is $65,464. Additionally, there are many others, such as Sustainability Specialist ($50,900), Fundraiser ($57,970), Policy Analyst ($58,926), etc.


Is a degree in environmental science wise for your future? Start the road to success now if you believe a career in this significant field is appropriate for you. You may begin a profession by taking admission to environmental science colleges in Pune, Maharashtra.

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