Gaming headphones play a huge role in terms of the gaming experience of the user. Via these headphones, the user can get to the various types of important information that the various audio cues may carry. For example, the sound of an approaching enemy, or the direction of the gunshot, etc. For this reason, those who are serious about gaming always invest in a good gaming headphone.

However, gaming headphones can be quite costly. But, if you have a budget of 2000 INR, and are looking for some new headphones, then you have come to the right place. We would be suggesting you five different gaming headphones in this article which we believe are one of the best headphones under 2000 INR. Let’s get started with the list.

Top 5 Gaming Headphones Under Rs.2,000 Buy
Redgear Cosmo 7.1
Ant Esports H707 HD RGB Buy 
Rapoo VH160
Ant Esports H1000 RGB
Kotion Each G2000  

1. Redgear Cosmo 7.1

The first headphone on our list is the Redgear Cosmo 7.1. If you have searched about gaming headphones in a budget recently, you must have definitely heard of this pair of headphones. The Redgear Cosmo 7.1 is undoubtedly one of the best gaming headphones under 2000 INR, and it has been for a long time now. There are very few headphones in this price segment which are as good as this.


1. Virtual 7.1 surround audio for an immersive audio experience

2. Noise-cancellation boom microphone for clear, distortion-free audio quality

3. Gorgeous RGB lighting on the earcups for added styling

4. Soft, cushioned earmuffs for enhanced comfort while wearing them

5. In line audio controls for easy controlling of audio settings

2. Ant Esports H707 HD RGB

Ant Esports is a brand that is known for its budget gaming peripherals, such as gaming headphones. The Ant Esports H707 HD RGB is one such headphone. Despite being affordable, it has lots of features. For that reason, it has made its way in our list of top gaming headphones under 2000 INR.


1. Gaming-grade 50 mm neodymium drivers which delivers clear, detailed audio something which gamers appreciate

2. Compatible on multiple platforms such as PC, consoles, mobile devices, etc.

3. Adjustable noise-cancellation microphone which allows for clear communication

4. Weighs only 300g which makes it comfortable to wear in long gaming sessions

5. RGB rainbow lighting makes it look more stylish

3. Rapoo VH160

The Rapoo VH160 is the next headphone of our list, and just like the other headphones, it is one of the top gaming headphones under 2000 INR. This headphone comes with lots of features, along with good sound quality. It is comfortable to wear, lightweight, and has RGB lighting as well.


1. Clear sound quality due to the drivers which have been tuned for gaming

2. Lightweight, along with the soft earmuffs results in excellent comfort over long gaming sessions

3. RGB lighting on the earcups for better aesthetics

4. Virtual 7.1 surround audio for an immersive audio experience

5. Electronic noise-cancellation microphone for clear communication

4. Ant Esports H1000 RGB

For the fourth headphone of our list, we have another Ant Esports headphone. This time, it is the Ant Esports H1000 RGB. In terms of performance, this is pretty much on par with all the other headphones on this list. And, in terms of features, it is all there too. Overall, a solid pair of headphones under 2000 INR.


1. 50 mm high-quality drivers which along with the 3D draping ear cups result in a rich, immersive audio experience

2. Lightweight design, with comfortable ear pads result in a comfortable wearing experience

3. Omnidirectional microphone which is capable of producing clear voice of the user

4. Easy-to-access in-line audio controls

5. Compatible across various platforms, only a 3.5 mm audio port is needed

5. Kotion Each G2000

The last headphone of our list is the Kotion Each G2000. This headphone has been the go-to headphone for most gamers who have a low budget. The Kotion Each G2000 is an extremely capable gaming headphone under 2000 INR, and one we definitely recommend. It has all the features that you would expect from a budget gaming headphone, if not more. And, in terms of audio performance, it is excellent for its price.


1. 50 mm magnetic neodymium drivers which have been specifically tuned with gamers in mind. Clear, detailed, and precise audio

2. Good noise cancellation due to the design of the ear cups

3. Soft, comfortable, over-ear pads that make long gaming sessions comfortable

4. Attractive, and cool LED lighting for better styling

5. Braided cable for enhanced durability


By Russell Crowe

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