Top 7 Favorite Places to Visit in Bristol?

Have you been to the city of Bristol? This stunning city is settled inland on the Avon River and along with access to the Bristol Channel. This city has an illustrious history as one of England’s oldest ports. Come to this city which was a favored port of departure for the New World and following John Cabot’s voyage to North America in 1497. Reach this wonderful site to enjoy Cabot Tower located in Brandon Hill Park which was erected on the 400th anniversary of Cabot’s voyage.

The city Bristol was also known for a trading center and Royalist headquarters during the English Civil War. Learn about the Shipbuilding that has been a pillar of Bristol’s economy for centuries, attaining its pinnacle with I.K. Brunel’s SS Great Britain

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Read the full content to know more about the places that are worth watching in this stunning city:

Bristol Floating Harbour

Floating Harbour is positioned on the Avon River in the old Port of Bristol which has been given a new and imaginative tenancy of life, along with many of its old wharves and warehouses that are restored or converted for contemporary uses. This place which is traditionally known as the Floating Harbour has become a home to numerous museums and galleries. Reach this beautiful site to find top attractions like the Bristol Aquarium; the famous We The Curious science center; and the Arnolfini visual arts, various music, and performance center. Also, step into the M Shed which is a museum that concentrates on history.

St. Mary Redcliffe

St. Mary Redcliffe is situated near the south end of the famous site Floating Harbour and takes its name from the red cliffs on which it stands. This place was visited by Queen Elizabeth I visited Bristol in 1574, who described St. Mary Redcliffe as following- the fairest parish church in England. This famous site was built in the 13th century and was extensively renovated in the 15th century in the Baroque style. Come to this site to explore the area having slender, and clustered pillars and tons of reticulated vaulting, a beautiful hexagonal porch, and a richly decorated doorway. Watch out for the perfect architect that displays the wealth of Bristol’s rich merchants. This site, a countless triptych, Sealing The Tomb, has been planned and executed for the main altar by William Hogarth.

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Bristol Cathedral

Bristol Cathedral was built initially as the church of Saint Augustine Abbey which took almost 600 years to attain its present form. Lookup for the east end, which is beautifully reconstructed in the Ornamented style by Abbot Knowle, which dates back from between 1298 and 1330. See the central tower and transepts that were completed in the 16th century, and the stunning nave and towered west facade that are from the 19th century. You will be amazed to learn that this church was elevated to cathedral status in 1542. You will find among the many stimulating structures of the cathedral, that is the rectangular chapter house, along with its late Norman decoration of zig zags, beautiful fish scale patterns, and interlacing. 

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Brunel’s SS Great Britain

The SS Great Britain is the world’s first iron-hulled passenger ship, that lives on at the same dock from where the great vessel was launched in 1843. Watch out for the amazing work of the famed engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who was also the first to use screw propellers on a ship. This site is famously rescued from oblivion after being scurried off the Falkland Islands, the ship is now situated at Bristol’s Great Western Dock and is evidence of Brunel’s engineering ingenuity. 

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Llandoger Trow

The famous triple-gabled and half-timbered Llandoger Trow building was built in 1664, in King Street. This famous site is where Alexander Selkirk is believed to have told the story of his shipwreck to Daniel Defoe, who commemorated the tale in Robinson Crusoe. Come to this amazing attraction in the city which got restored in 1991. This famous building is connected by a subway to the Theatre Royal and is home to the Bristol Old Vic and the oldest playhouse in England. This amazing Llandoger Trow site was also the model for Admiral Benbow, patronized by Long John Silver in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Clifton Suspension Bridge is another work of the famed British engineer I. K. Brunel. This bridge is the remarkable site to visit which spans the 260-foot-deep Avon Gorge on the west side of the limestone plateau known as Clifton Down and Durdham Down. This bridge measures 702 feet that lies between its piers and was finished in 1864, and 33 years after Brunel who had first submitted his prizewinning plans. Visit the visitor information center to learn about the bridge’s construction or to be a part of the weekend behind-the-scenes tour.

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