Canada has been consistently ranked as one of the best countries in the world for their excellent quality of life. Their education industry is equally prestigious. If you study in Canada, you’ll receive an internationally recognized education from some of the best colleges and academics in the world. Here we state the top six reasons people must move to Canada for higher education.

  1. High-Quality Education in Canada

Canada has one of the best and most prestigious education systems in the world. After studying in Canada, international students also get opportunities to get placed in Canadian companies. Studying in Canada also improves their employment possibilities further for the future. If you have a Canadian degree or even a diploma, that can be treated as equivalent degrees in the US or any other developed country.

There is a lot of diversity in degree programs in Canada. They offer everything from humanities to health, with specialized majors available only in this Canada. Their focus on higher education has led several of their universities like the University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, and University of Alberta, among the top 100 in the world ranking.

  1. Affordable Costs in the Best Country for Study Abroad

If you are serious about studying in Canada, the best news is that Canada has relatively affordable tuition fees that are significantly lower than the US, UK, or Australia.

The Council of Ministers of Education, Canada, offers an online tool that enables international students to calculate education costs at different universities in Canada. It also provides the necessary guidance about the documents needed to apply.

Here is an overview of the education costs in Canada –

  • Undergraduate tuition fees in Canada

As per Statistics Canada, the tuition fees for an undergraduate international student in 2020 were USD 23600 per year. Subjects like engineering and medicine are more expensive than courses like Humanities.

  • Postgraduate tuition fees in Canada

The tuition fees are much lower at the postgraduate level and depend on the program you choose. Statistics Canada estimated international students’ postgraduate tuition fees at USD 14100 in 2020. Among the postgraduate courses, the executive MBA is the most expensive  term paper help program.

  1. Cost of Living in Canada

You need to make a budget for your living expenses apart from your education. Your living costs depend on location, spending habits. Usually, the larger cities are more expensive for living in.

However, the cost of living in Canada is never astronomically high like that of the US. Therefore, you can manage to live in a small town in Canada within your budget. There are even provisions of campus housing where they need to pay USD 2271 to USD 5680 depending on the university. Private shared accommodation is also there, but they are usually more costly than university accommodations since those include their meals as well.

  1. High-Tech Country, Best Country for Study Abroad

Canada has consistently been a global leader in computing and information technology and has excelled in engineering, telecommunications, and transportation. Canada offers a range of possibilities to students for learning, as well as leisure.

You will always get opportunities to meet and converse with like-minded people and profit from their immense experience through student-run governments and businesses. In addition, studying abroad in Canada opens lots of scope for research on several disciplines.

  1. Safe Country, Rich Culture

Canada has always been considered a safe country. The country has seen low crime rates and excellent student health benefits. Expectedly, Global Peace Index ranks Canada among the top 10 safest countries in the world to visit.

However, when going to new countries, including Canada, it’s always wise to have the contact information of your consulate or embassy and keep the information handy in the case of any emergency that requires their intervention. Canada has always been welcoming and in favour of multicultural diversity. So, you will find a welcoming work environment with many of the world’s ethnic groups together. However, while respecting others’ cultures and beliefs, Canada ensures that its own traditions and customs are preserved.

  1. Possibility of Immigration

Everyone who comes to study in this country to study can discover a lot of life outside the university campus. It is the perfect country to spend time outdoors or have fun by exploring nature and amidst Canada’s huge variety of wildlife.

From the grand Rocky Mountains of Alberta to the grassy coastline of British Columbia, from the ‘maple sugar country’ of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence to big skies of the prairies, Canada has a lot to offer. Canada is always a trove for visual beauty with the attractive coastline and rugged hills along the Atlantic Provinces. These features make Canada the best country for studying abroad for hundreds of international students.

If you want to settle in this country after studying, you can do it easily with immigrant-friendly laws in Canada. Applicants need to fulfil certain criteria before becoming eligible for citizenship. They need to graduate with a degree and have at least one year of work experience. If they want to apply for a permanent visa, that usually takes 15 to 18 months to process. Once it gets processed, you can make your study trip to Canada your permanent residence.

Usually, when international students graduate from a program, they intend to do a post-graduation course as well. That increase the chance to get a work permit after their studies. By doing that, they can maintain their temporary status and can take steps to obtain permanent residence in Canada at the same time.

However, the process of applying for permanent residence and getting a work permit are two very different measures. You may or may not be able to do it simultaneously. So, if you like to stay in Canada, the post-graduation work permit allows you to maintain an interim status.

Parting Thought

Canada has always been the best country for studying abroad. Now it is becoming a booming hub for international students who dream of remaining in the country until they complete their studies. Canada has been one of the top ten places to live globally for the last two decades and boasts of a world-class education system. Canada has always been a preferred option for students who seek an affordable alternative to study abroad. Canadian universities are now addressing these concerns by providing prestigious degrees like US universities but at an affordable rate.You can also get study help by study helper.

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