Dining room furniture

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well,” said one of the most renowned modernist English writers, Virginia Woolf. Indeed, dining is a regular activity that one enjoys alone or with family and friends, and living a full and enriching life seems incomplete without it. That is why choose dining room furniture that suits your needs and makes the place even more pleasing and comfortable to spend time in. Consider these five tips to buy a dining table set that offers functionality and style.

  1. Measure the dimensions

So, this point has two aspects. You need to measure the size of the room/dining area as well as the table. These two steps help determine the spatial suitability of the dining table sets. Generally, dining room table manufacturers offer tables approximately 24″ long, at least 12″ wide, and 30″ high. However, with new designs aplenty, these measurements may vary depending upon the shape. If you still feel confused, go by the simple idea of buying a dining table set that is not larger than the entrance of the room. Read the next point to know more about balancing size and space.


  1. Maintain equilibrium

A small table in a big room loses the focal point. On the contrary, a large table in a small room makes it look cramped. So, the key is to scale the table and chairs to the size of the room. Besides enhancing the appearance, it also improves the functionality by ensuring enough space to move around. How to do it? Go back to point one. Measure your dining area well. In addition, check if the placement in your mind will leave space to open windows and doors unhindered. Visualize the entire set-up well to get a clear idea if the placement of your dining table set will work well.

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  1. Choose a Shape

Rectangular and square dining tables are popular options among furniture buyers. However, round and oval ding table sets have also emerged as a preferred choice. Choosing the shape depends on the primary use of your table. For example, square or round tables help create an intimate seating arrangement. Alternatively, a long rectangular table suits the purpose of hosting a dinner party for several people. So, determine your needs alongside the considerations about space and aesthetics.


  1. Will you be comfortable?

The best dining room furniture manufacturers prioritize comfort alongside quality. So, check whether the dining room table set you have chosen ensures it too. There should be enough elbow room while eating and talking, and buying a big table isn’t always a solution in this case. Buy dining chairs that help maximize the use of the space available. For example, you may buy armless chairs. These are compact and you can push these under the table fully when not in use.


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  1. Be material-smart

Durability and look stay top-of-the-mind when buyers are choosing material and build of the dining table. Also, there are no right and wrong choices regarding it. The core idea is to select something that goes well with the décor of the dining room or the room wherein you have created the dining area. Dining room furniture manufacturers offer products made of solid wood, reclaimed wood, stone, glass, and laminate among other materials. Ask your seller to guide and help you choose the best option based on color, finishing, durability, aftercare prerequisites, etc. If you are purchasing dining room furniture online, share room dimensions and visual descriptions of the room with the seller or interior décor expert to get what’s right for you.


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By Russell Crowe

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