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Streaming video games on Twitch and Facebook has become a popular way to make money online. While Facebook offers many opportunities for gamers to earn money through live video, it is not the only option. In this article, we’ll look at three of the most popular platforms where you can make money playing video games.


Online game streaming has become a popular way to earn money. More people are getting involved in this type of online activity, and WPC2027 is the latest addition to this trend. People earn money by watching other people play their favorite games and are rewarded for their efforts. The WPC2027 app has become very popular, and users will be notified of upcoming games and live matches.

Joining WPC2027 is incredibly easy, and you can begin by creating an account. To create an account, simply type in your username and password into the appropriate fields on the website. You will want to make sure your username is unique and includes a number. You should also select a password that contains a special or uppercase letter.

youtube gaming

YouTube gaming is one of the most popular online game streaming platforms. Almost ten million people view the videos posted on the platform each month. People earn a significant amount of money by watching their videos and interacting with other viewers. Some people use the platform as a way to promote their products or services. You can also earn a considerable amount of money by making videos about your favorite games.

Besides gaming, YouTube Gaming also has other features, such as live commentary. While the video quality is not always the best, it can help a player earn money. The best part about YouTube Gaming is the community and its accessibility. YouTube Gaming also collaborates with Google AdSense, which provides a stable revenue source. Most of the YouTube Gaming channels focus on offering commentary on video games and adding humorous backgrounds to their videos. Among the most popular games on the website are Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite.

Facebook gaming

Facebook gaming is a platform where people can create and organize tournaments and live streams of games. This type of content is popular and will be around for years. The platform also offers a variety of casual games, such as Words with Friends, Uno, Bubble Shooter, and many others.

Facebook allows users to create a free or paid account to stream games. The site also lets users charge for their streams and pays a small fee to the community. By creating a Facebook gaming channel, you can earn money as both a streamer and a contributor.

Streamers can also compete with other streamers in competitions to earn real cash. The platform also allows users to share their content with their friends, which helps them analyze their performance.


Twitch is one of the biggest online game streaming platforms where people can earn money by sharing their passion for gaming. Its popularity has grown to such an extent that most of the major video game developers now have their own channels. As a result, streamers can have a greater influence on the video game market than traditional advertisers. Recently, Google announced the launch of YouTube Gaming, which aims to compete with Twitch.

Though the platform has grown quickly, its rise has not been a smooth one. In fact, Twitch has already faced some controversy. The company has been banned in China since 2018, and several Indian companies have blocked its access to its gaming content. It has also been the victim of legal battles and has lost some of its biggest star streamers, such as Ninja, to Microsoft.


DLive is a decentralized, live-streaming platform that aims to empower creators and viewers. Its reward system is revolutionary, empowering both parties to profit from each other’s efforts and contributions. Its features include a user-friendly interface and a robust set of features.

The service functions similarly to Twitch, with an emphasis on desktop setups and longer streams. Streamers can make real money from their viewers through subscriptions, donations, and tips. The DLive community is relatively large, so there are many ways to make money with the platform.


By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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