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Trending software development practices, technologies and applications change every year, sometimes multiple times in a single year. As software engineering technologies advance, so do architecture, languages, methodologies and frameworks, among other components. Merely adopting the newest technologies or trends is not enough to be a market leader. You need to be wary of the evolving technologies and the latest developments too. Enterprise application development services are rapidly advancing to dominate every other factor affecting business success. Now let’s take a look at some trends to watch in 2021.

Enterprise Software Development Service Trends in 2021:

In the new normal since the global pandemic hit, every organisation has exponentially paced up its digital transformation journey. An increasing number of business organisations are adopting remote working models and are exploring technologies that enable this mode of working. Here are some of the leading technology trends for 2021:

Trend 1: No-code/ Low-code Development:

You might have seen a growth in the usage of drag-and-drop editing software. A sizable part of their reputation comes from their low requirement of code during development or even the lack of code altogether. This allows non-programmers to implement and develop apps without having to rely on extensive code. In 2021, drag-and-drop editing applications and their development process will continue to advance. This is based on their applications in 2020, where professionals with minimum or limited programming knowledge created large projects using little or no code.

Trend 2: AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The revenue generated by Artificial Intelligence reached $156.5 billion in 2020, which meant a growth rate of 12% compared to the previous year. Several enterprises, regardless of their genre, have applied AI to many of their key offerings at a foundational level. Arguably the most distinct field using this technology is cybersecurity. There are several reasons for this.
  • Malicious hackers and activity can be spotted easily and threats can be identified.
  • Data breaches and suspicious IP addresses can easily be detected.
In organisations that target cybersecurity as a top priority, artificial intelligence is a key software development trend. This is also fundamental if they consider hyper-automation for boosting the quality of their functionalities and day-to-day operations.

Trend 3: Progressive and Native Applications

Native applications are and always have been a part of any list on enterprise software trends because more businesses today are targetting mobile-first audiences. The concept behind it is aimed at enhancing brand performance and honing your client’s experience through the development of native apps on both Android and iOS platforms. Progressive Web applications or PWAs are the latest addition in the app development genre. PWA designs are built on the newest APIs and aim to enhance the customer experience.

Trend 4: Human Augmentation

As time advances, augmentation is showing great promise as an evident future technology. Based on its inherent nature as an enhanced and augmented version of a human body, this is understandable. As enterprise software development services advance, multiple forms of augmented realities are going to achieve new heights, which includes realities like MR, VR and AR.

Trend 5: (VR) Virtual Reality

Most of the growth of augmented reality will come from the enhanced capabilities of VR. Virtual Reality enables users to have an immersive experience from a first-person viewpoint of advanced simulated visions. With this promise, several organisations have already tapped into potential channels to overcome their complexities and optimise the technology and channels for their business. The software development sector at an enterprise level is going to continue witnessing revolutionary changes and disruptions even after 2021. With this in mind, you need to keep upgrading the technology you use at an enterprise level. When you use them, you will soon be able to predict future technology trends and hold your edge in the market.

By Russell Crowe

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