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Montessori schools are known for revolutionizing school education and are gaining rapid popularity among students and parents. They emphasize experiential learning and provide students with a safe, fun, and interactive learning environment.

In Montessori schools, learning is based on hands-on activities and a well-framed syllabus. As these schools offer excellent features to ensure the complete learning and growth of their students, modern parents are more eager than ever to ensure a successful learning experience for their kids by sending them to a trusted Montessori School. The increasing online searches for “best Montessori school near me” are an indication of the same.

Here is the list of the top five Montessori schools in India; you can explore the given options and make the most suitable choice for your child.

  • Global Indian International School

Global Indian International School (GIIS) offers the trusted Global Montessori Plus program to its students. It is a perfect blend of the revered Montessori approach combined with the advanced practices of modern pre-school learning. The Global Montessori Preschool provides the pre-schoolers with a strong learning foundation and helps them have a wonderful start to their student life. It fosters the development of expressive and motor skills and understands the importance of sensorial work for children.  

The school also aims to imbibe a sense of social responsibility in its students and conducts frequent social awareness and interaction events for its students. It plans an array of events throughout the year to provide students with a platform to present their skills and nurture their talents. It aims at making students eager learners from a young age.

  • Salwan Montessori School, Delhi

Salwan Montessori School is a reputed Montessori school that was established in 1953 under the support of Salwan Education Trust. The Montessori wing of the school aims at providing students with the best quality education with the help of an innovative curriculum and excellent teaching methods. The school has a spacious campus.

  • Indus International Primary School, Jubilee Hills

Indus International Primary School is a reputed Montessori school in Hyderabad. It creates a fun and engaging learning environment and follows a curriculum that has well-planned child-centric programs. It aims at nurturing curiosity among its students. The school has experienced faculty and a smart class system.

  • Modern Montessori International, Delhi

The Modern Montessori International School was founded in the year 2004 and is a pre-school center located in Greater Kailash-II. The school introduces its students to Botany and Zoology to help them develop an interest in observing and learning from nature. It has spacious and well-lit classrooms.

  • Mongrace Montessori House, Kolkata

Mongrace Montessori House is located in Short Street, Kolkata, and was established in 1964. It aims to guide students in their formative years by providing them with top-quality education. The school encourages its students to explore their talents and it is a child-centric center. 

The above-mentioned are the best Montessori schools in India. You can trust them for providing excellent preschool education to your kids and prepare them better for their student life.

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