Data Science
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Data Science is one of the most fulfilling and in-demand career-oriented programs out there. There is a huge need for skilled professionals in the field of Data Science. There are many reasons behind the same like organizations need to store and manage large sets of information or data in various forms with security. A skilled Data Scientist knows how to extract actionable insights from unstructured forms of data sets.

After completing the course in data science, you can easily get best-in-class job options for your bright future. The course of Data Science provides many lucrative career opportunities to students but a UG and PG degree is needed to get good job opportunities in this field.

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Here, in this blog, we will let you know the top career options in the field of Data Science. Know here in detail:

1. Data Analyst 

This job role is one highly preferred by candidates in Data Science. The Data professionals who hold this job position are responsible for handling multiple tasks like data visualization, and processing of massive amounts of data. They used to optimize large sets of data with their data handling skills. Apart from these things, these people used to create and modify various types of machine learning algorithms used to manage and cull information from various types of databases, etc. 

These analysts know various programming languages to manage data effectively like R, Python, SAS, SQL, etc.

One who holds this job position gets a top-in-class salary package with corporate perks.

2. Data Engineers

This position is another best one and provides a good salary package to the individual who holds the same position. These data engineers are used to test and build big data ecosystems for the growth of the business for the convenience of Data Scientists. They work with the collaboration of these Data Scientists for updating systems and information with upgraded and newer versions of the latest technologies with enhanced efficiencies of the databases. 

These Data engineers used to design and main data management systems, and collect various information by conducting research on the data sets. 

The skills needed to become a good data engineer are JAVA, C++, Hive, R, Ruby, Matlab, etc.

3. Data Administrator

This profession is quite good in terms of salary packages and corporate perks. One of the best ways to become a good data interpreter or administrator is to know the proper functioning of all types of databases or an organization. Also, these people used to check data backups and do possible recoveries. 

These people used to store and manage large sets of data and work towards the design and development of the project through their data management and administration techniques. These people also used to prepare necessary reports, create necessary documentation and operating manuals, etc. 

Skills needed to become Data Administrator are the use of data modeling, data security, data backup, and design, etc.

4. Machine Learning Engineer

This engineer is in high demand these days. However, the job role has various challenges to face in the industry and they need to test, research, and oversee various operations of the project. They used to test machine learning systems, explore and visualize various types of datasets, creating frameworks accordingly. 

If you want to become a good Data engineer, then you should know various data processing technologies like Java, Python, Statistics, Mathematics, etc.

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