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Everyone wants to be a fast learner and get good grades, but others want to be fast writer. Unfortunately, some students suffer a lot due to their low writing speed. Such students suffer in exams, completing assignments on time, and more.

If you are one of them and now you want to change your fate, then don’t worry, it is very much possible. Today we are going to share some tips on how to be a fast writer:

  • Write everyday

To become the best in any field, one needs to do it every day. That is what you need to do with writing too. Take out time to write on any topic every day. Set a timetable that is wholly dedicated to writing only. You can do this for one hour and initially change it to two hours or more to improve faster.

Professionals in math’s assignment help, your favorite sports player and anyone who wants to improve need to  practice daily to learn it faster.

  • Outline first

A quick hack to writing is to think of the outline first. Suppose, you are given a topic on pollution. So you can break down its structure as its definition, effects, and finally, prospects. Once the outline is ready, you can fill in the information and complete it sooner. This is a hack which is used by writers in academic writing service, authors and professional homework writers.

The structure will help you know what you need to research, write and do. So think of it first to make the work hassle easier and avoid confusion.

  • Read a lot

Most students don’t know what to write about because they don’t have sufficient knowledge on the topic. To overcome this, you need to read a lot. Now you can start by reading on your favorite topic, or you can also start reading more in general.

We would advise you to read a little bit on general knowledge, places, weather, and politics too so that you are always ready to write on any topic assigned to you. Mild reading habits like scrolling through journals and websites also improve knowledge.

  • Have a timer

It is widespread that when starting to write, you will be slow and spend your entire afternoon writing one piece. But to become a fast writer you need to pick up your pace. So one of the ways to stay alert and do better is by setting up alarms.

Set up an alarm for every 1 hour and start writing. You will see that in the beginning, you were able to write only 250 words, but eventually, you will be able to write 500 words or more. The timer will help you track your progress and alert you when it’s time to focus on other activities for the day.

  • Find the best

Having time is the key to being successful in life. Now, if you are a morning person and you perform your writing tasks at night then, there is a high probability that you will be a slow learner. Students who learn and practice at their peak zones are the ones who learn faster and with more interest. And those who don’t end up getting statistics assignment help and hiring someone to get their work done due to timing mishaps.

If you are not a night owl and hate doing tasks at night, then your half passion can only take you so far. Hence find the best time when you can give your 100% and receive 100%.

  • Challenge your friends

Challenging your friends and seeing who can write faster can be perfect competition. This is a very healthy competition and can help both parties involved. Not only friends, but you can also ask your siblings and other mates you know. You can assign each other topics and see who can complete them within an allotted time.

This will help you increase your pace while keeping the process fun. Because any activity done with a friend is always a good idea.

  • Assign yourself a topic

And do not worry if your friends do not agree to do practice with you. You can always do it alone. So assign yourself any topic and start working on it. This topic can be of your choice as you get to assign it yourself.

For example, you can assign a topic of 200 words to complete within 15 minutes. We know the time might seem a bit less, but if you want to improve, you have to set goals which will help you push forward. So assign yourself a topic and start challenging yourself for self-growth.

  • Be in a distraction-free zone

It would help if you started learning in a distraction-free zone to see actual progress and make the process fruitful. Distractions are everywhere sometimes, it can be loud noises, poor lighting, bad smell, people and pets too. But while working on your goals, you need to stay away from all of them.

It does not take long for distraction to take over your workflow and eventually lead you to other paths. This is why most professionals have a work space which is strictly limited to working without distractions.

  • Play typing puzzles and games

Why not improve your typing along with your writing too? There are tons of typing games available. Even if you don’t find one, you can take your documents and start typing them on your desktop. Eventually, when you go to college, there are a lot of assignments which you would need to do on your laptop so this will come handy.

So it is excellent practice to work on. With the typing game, you can keep the process fun while also learning something out of it.

  • Keep revisions for later

One of the steps which take up most of the time is revision. By this, we do not mean that you should not revise. Revision is a must that should never be skipped, but why not do it some other time. Professional writers and authors proofread their papers at some other time with a fresh mind.

Immediately after writing, you cannot proofread your paper as your brain is already overworked. Leaving the part of revision after writing eventually shortens the writing process, helping you wrap up your writing part daily.

And there you have it friends, the tips on who to write faster. These tips are simple to follow and their results are very effective. Getting over low writing speed is possible, and you can do it too. Follow these tips daily, and you will soon start seeing improvements.

Author bio

Jack Thomas is a professor at the University of Vancouver. He has done a master’s in maths and has been teaching  for over 5+ years. Currently, she is teaching at university of Ohio and offers maths assignment help to students.

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