Polly wants a cracker. People often get parrots as pets to enjoy a level of verbal interaction and fun with these intelligent, unique creatures. People’s perceptions of avian verbal behavior vary from admiring their bird’s mimicry of human speech to believing they can have conversation-level conversations with their pet. We won’t discuss the interaction level here. But if you want your pet parrot to talk, what can you do?

Know Your Species

Although all parrot species should learn human language, some are better at “talking” than others. Amazon parrots are the most well-known speakers, Texas Birds  white cockatoos, cockatoos, and cockatiels are among the most popular. However, even small parrots such as lovebirds, parakeets, Quaker parrots, and African gray parrots can be taught how to talk over time.

These intelligent parrots can speak sentences, phrases, and words. If you want a parrot who can talk, it’s best to choose one of the more well-known species. You can also teach other species, such as Senegal parrots and macaws, caiques, and Pionus, to speak words, but they are less prolific at speaking.

Tart Simple

No matter what bird species you’re training, you should start by teaching the bird a few simple words. This is how many parrots can learn entire songs by adding a little bit at a time. Tips to Help Teach Your Parrot to Talk

Do it again

Birds learn how to imitate words by repeating them many times. Be prepared to repeat a word several times before your bird understands it. Many birds can mimic the sounds of their environment, such as the telephone, microwave, and doorbell. Before they can mimic sounds out loud, parrots can hear and take in sounds.

This is especially true for African gray parrots, who are the most prolific speakers, but often start talking after one year. Don’t be discouraged if your parrot does not start to repeat what you’ve said immediately after you try to teach him new words.

Talk clearly

Parrots learn the most when they are able to hear and understand what is being said. The owner (teacher) should not speak in a mumbled voice to the parrot. How Long Do Birds Live Instead, face the parrot and repeat the words with the same tone every time. The same tone is used to emphasize the same words and inflections each time. Birds learn faster when they hear the same word repeated in high-pitched enthusiasm. Clear repetition is the key to bird mimicry.

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