If you plan to cruise the port of Miami, you might want to plan to avoid any inconveniences. Most cruisers drive to the port and require parking while on their voyage. We are looking at the parking options around the Port of Miami, so you can choose one that suits your needs.

Port of Miami Figures and Facts

Miami is one of the busiest cruise ports in the world. According to NAFTA, the port handles around 6.8 million cruise passengers every year. It has been nicknamed the ‘Cruise Capital of the World’ with 8 passenger terminals servicing 23 cruise lines, 12 cruise lines using Miami as their home ports, and berthing 55 cruise ships. 

The most popular destinations from the Port of Miami include Mexico, Bahamas, Eastern and Western Caribbean, West Coast USA, South America, and Alaska. The Port of Miami is located on Dodge Island south of Miami Beach, Biscayne Bay, and east of Downtown Miami.

The port is connected to the city through a causeway over the Intracoastal Waterway and through the undersea Port of Miami Tunnel to the nearby MacArthur Causeway on Watson Island. Here is some parking option when taking your cruise.

Cruise Parking at Hotels

If you plan to spend some time in Miami before setting for your voyage, you can consider the cruise packing packages offered by hotels around the city. Most hotels in Miami allow free parking for the cruise duration if you book a night before you go for your cruise. 

If you are not planning to spend a night in Miami before going for your cruise, this option does not make much financial sense. However, if you need to book a room with a free parking spot, you can save hundreds of dollars. 

Some hotels near Miami port that offer cruising parking packages include the Extended Stay America and Hilton Miami Downtown. You can check with the hotel you prefer and book your cruise parking package.

Cruise Parking at Miami Airport

Parking at the airport costs $17 a day, so it is quite expensive compared to the parking options available in Miami, which are close to the terminals. However, many third-party parking lots near airports specialize in long-term parking at affordable rates.

If you want to leave your car at the airport, the Airport Parking Reservations has a lot of lots and prices available during your stay and will help you find the best deal. Some costs go as low as $4 per night. Once you park, you will take a free shuttle to the airport and, after, an express airport bus for $2.25 into the city. This option will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Free Parking

If you have family or friends living in the suburbs around the city, you can ask them to let you park in front of their house or driveway while you are on your trip to save you some cash. You might want to bring them a small gift from your vacation as a token of appreciation.

If you rent a car to the port of Miami, you might want to consider returning it and picking up another one once you are back to avoid paying fees.

Off-site Parking Facilities

If you are looking for an affordable parking option, you can consider an off-site parking spot. Several businesses offer parking services for cruise passengers in Miami at a fraction of the cost charged by the official port parking charges.

One such facility is Safe Cruise Parking, located 5 minutes from the port. The facility charges an average of $14 a night. You can book as many nights as you need for your vehicle. The facility is located at 155 SW 3rd St, and once you park, they will provide you with free shuttle services to take you and your luggage to your cruise terminal.

The free shuttle runs every 15 to 30 minutes between 8 am to 2:30 pm, so it is important to arrive early if you want to take advantage of the free services. Safe Cruise Parking offers a discount when you book your parking spot early.

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