Economic Immigration is a priority for the Canadian government. Many of their industries, service sectors and agricultural activities are dependent on skilled immigrants. To streamline and expedite the manpower requirements of Canadian employers, the Canada Express Entry Visa was introduced in 2015. Thanks to this immigration route, there has been a great deal of transparency and clarity concerning the ranking system. There is no more ambiguity in terms of your eligibility, profile aptness, and probability of selection.

Understand the Ranking System for Canada Express Entry Visa

The Ranking System accords points to applicants based on specific criteria. A minimum of 1200 points needs to be scored to be eligible to apply. Each ranking criterion has a set weightage as far as scoring points is concerned. Let us understand these ranking parameters individually, with the score allotted to each:-

  • Human Capital Criteria

This is the most important ranking criteria when you apply for the Canada Express Entry Visa. The total of these parameters under the ‘Human Capital’ category can be accorded 600 points. The key considerations include:-

  • Age- Depending on the age group to which you belong, you earn a fixed set of points. The younger you are, the higher is your score.
  • Canadian Languages Proficiency (primarily English and French)- 100 to 110 points can be scored here.
  • Educational Credentials- 140 to 150 points can be counted here, based on your qualifications.
  • Work Experience- The points scored here is the same as those for educational qualifications.
  • Spouse Criteria

Depending on whether your spouse will be accompanying you to Canada or not, the scores are computed for this criterion. But it is not as simple as it looks. The educational level, language skills, and Canadian work experience (if any) of your spouse are also taken into account. 

  • Relevant Educational Qualifications of Spouse- Scope of adding 10 points extra.
  • Good Language Proficiency Score of Spouse- 10 more points can be earned.
  • Canadian Work Experience of Spouse- 20 points will be straightaway added to your Express Entry Profile.
  • Skills Transferability and Extra Points
  • Apart from the basic points as earned above, this parameter lets you earn extra points as applicable:-
  • 50 points for an outstanding score in your Language Proficiency Test along with a Post-Graduate Degree
  • Or 50 points for excellent language proficiency coupled with Canadian Work Experience
  • Additional 50 Points for a Qualification Certificate from the Relevant Trade Authority of Canada
  • On account of the Labour Market Impact Assessment conducted by the Immigration Officials, another 600 points can be scored


Do you wish to pursue a rewarding career and a plush life in Canada? Then immigration to Canada Express Entry is the best route you can tread on. When you liaise with a Regulated Canada Immigration Consultant, the process is much smoother and precision-based. RCICs know their way around the process, the officials, and the latest updates or changes in norms. So associating with them can ease out and expedite your immigration process.

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