Best real estate brokers in Dubai

It is true that real estate is an excellent type of financial asset and maybe one of the priciestthings you can ever possess. In case you are thinking of selling or even that of buying a home, you would probably hire a real estate residence agent. These real estate professionals can help you find the perfect type of home if you are purchasing one and suitable buyers if you are vending one. Such a thing cuts your overall work in half, but you do end up spending an additional fee, which is worth it. 

To make sure that you get utmost value for your pennies and all your requirements are met,  here are a few things you should consider and questions you must ask so that you get the perfect professionals like the Best real estate brokers in Dubai

Has the specific property been on the market for a long time?

In case the home or property you are interested in has been on the market for quite some time, the seller might likely be desperate to sell it. This is something that opens doors for negotiations. Real estate costs are integrally high, and finding out the ways to sell the cost can be assistive in a number of ways.

Ask the realtor how many owners has the property had?

The more owners, the higher are the possibilities of damage. In case the house has been rented manifold times or changed ownerships, there are sure to be damages and wear and tear. Thus , inquiring about the number of previous owners can actually assist you gauge the current state of the property. Of course, once you dig in there, you would know what exactly you may expect from the property.

Check the prices that the nearby homes have been sold for in the last six months

Remember that if you find out the prices of nearby homes, it would give you a clue of whether or not your vender is overcharging you. In case the nearby homes have vend for the same price bracket, you can be definite that the seller is asking for a fair price. However, in case the property in the same area have sold for lower costs, you might take advantage of such a cold market and strike a great bargain.

Find out how would be the maintenance look like on the specific property you choose 

The expense of the house is not the only thing you actually spend your money on. Maintenance costs such as that of water, electricity, overall home association fee, and more also make up for a large amount. It would be sensible if you ask your realtor about all this. After all, these things are going to be draining your pocket. So, make sure that you do not spend unnecessarily. 

Benefits of hiring professional real estate expert for buying a property

In hard times , most people are searching out to cut costs any way they can. And in a property purchase, who would not really wish to save that additional three percent of the sale price? It is characteristically what buyer’s agents make on real estate transactions, and most experts think it is going to be money well spent.

Expertise on pricing 

Most of the real estate agents can set a specific price on a home the minute they get through the door. In case they have massive amount of experience in a market, they know how actually well a neighbourhood holds its value, too.

Though anyone can spend a couple of minutes online and pull information on sales of comparable houses, real estate agents have the proper experience to know whether a specific house is overpriced or under-priced. In the best-case scenario, a real estate agent will have such a good idea of what really you are looking for that he or she would not really even waste your time walking or touring the houses that won’t work.

Not only can real estate agents provide all the information on local home sales that you want to see, but they can even bring assets to the deal that actually come from years of watching waves of transactions in the neighbourhood.

It is the fact that anyone can simply shop for a house, and even get a peep inside, in the absence of formally signing on with a real estate expert. But unless you have proper and good amount of time to make property shopping a part-time job, an agent could even be able to match you with the ideal property much faster.

You can even request repairs 

Mostly , the prickliest part of a real estate purchase includes the delicate dance of requesting repairs. A real estate professional will be in a position to identify trouble that you might not see, as well as endorse a good independent home inspector who might provide a detailed report on overall issues or problems with the property.

These are the reports that can be dozens of pages long. Inside all those pages, some problems are even crucial and others may not be. In case the property is in reasonably good condition, requests for proper repairs can make or break a property deal. Now, here the real estate agent is going to have a great sense of what is really reasonable to request and what is unnecessary.

Moreover, in many of the cases, it really depends on you as the buyer, too. Areal estate agent or company can read the overall condition and suggest what is going to work for you. Every single buyer has a diverse tolerance for what they require to do. There would always be some buyers who may want the house or property to be in a better condition.


To sum up, hiring the top real estate agents in Dubai can be really helpful for you at every stage of your property buying or even selling journey. It is all about what you ask your agent and how much you dig out of their knowledge to make a sensible choice.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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