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With pandemic shutting everything down physically, it’s the online stores that survived and showed the way to the consumers. Not just people who were apprehensive of making online payments came onboard the payment bandwagon but also found the entire ecosystem safe and reliable. 

Online payment processing is quite common these days with millions of customers shopping across a myriad of online stores and websites using their credit/debit cards and other payment modes. This begs the question, “Is it safe to share your financial information online?”  

The simple answer to that question would be, “Unless you are putting your financial information on unsecured websites, you are completely safe. The legitimate shopping sites use secure payment gateways in India to safeguard your financial information from getting leaked to fraudsters.”

But, if you still had your doubts, here are a few things that clear the air and prove that online payment processing is indeed secure!

Industry Standard Compliant Gateways

First off, all reputed payment gateway providers are PCI DSS compliant which is an industry-standard in security. Moreover, they also comply with other security algorithms such as 3D Secure, etc. to make transactions more secure.

Offer Encryption

Every financial detail shared by the customer on an online store is encrypted before being shared with the banks or card networks. This way it makes it harder for fraudsters to snoop into your details.

SSL-Based Security

Secure Socket Layer ensures that any information exchanged from the site with the payment gateway and other parties are authenticated and therefore, isn’t likely to attract any frauds being committed. It also removes the possibility of clone sites fooling people into divulging their personal and financial information as anyone can verify the authenticity of a website or online store by looking at the padlock symbol in the browser.


Every information is secured and converted into a string of hidden characters that renders it unreadable to anyone not authorized to decode the information. This randomization of information makes it extremely hard for anyone to decipher the information being exchanged except for the ones authorized to read the said information. This is an RBI mandate and has to be strictly adhered to by all licensed payment gateways and banks. This results in the next level of increased security for customers while taking the incidence of frauds to a bare minimum.

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Anti-Fraud Tools

Payment gateway systems use sophisticated anti-fraud tools to ensure that there are zero chances of fraud being committed. Every information that’s exchanged between the site with the payment gateway and routed to other parties is verified and authenticated, and multiple checks are performed to ensure the authenticity of the transaction and the one transaction before a payment can go through. These multiple checkpoints ensure utmost security whenever you shop online.

Secure Payment gateways make it possible for us to shop for anything online without exposing us to the risks of cyber fraud. Without them, it would become very hard to conduct online transactions without risking one’s information to prying eyes. 

By Anita Gale


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