A themed cruise is one of the best ways to vacation, with entertainment and activities suited to your interests and personal preference. Many cruise lines offer a wide range of entertainment onboard, but themed cruises give you whatever you love, whether knitting or heavy metal music.

The best part of going on a themed cruise is meeting people with whom you share the same passions and interests. While onboard, you will enjoy many planned activities, meaning less work for you. Cruising is among the best value vacations with entertainment, food and drinks included in the fare. If you want to learn more about themed cruises, this guide is for you.

What Are the Different Types Of Themed Cruises Available?

Here are some examples of themed cruises you can choose to go on:

Culinary Cruises

These allow you to bring out the inner chef while on vacation. Culinary cruises are among the most popular themed cruises among foodies. A great example is the Celebrity 12-night Mediterranean cruise that embarks from Barcelona with famous onboard. The chefs teach classes and innovative cooking techniques on the cruises. While on vacation, you will participate in cooking demonstrations and go home with fabulous recipes.

Music Cruises

Music cruises are great for every music lover. A great example is the Norwegian Pearl, where you vacation with famous musicians such as Jim Bianco, Joe Purdy and Lyle Lovett. The cruise line organizes a seven-day adventure with concerts where you interact with talented singers and songwriters.

Holistic Health and Wellness Cruises

If you are a holistic health fan or you want to learn more about it, these themed cruises are made for you. Onboard, you will engage your body, mind and soul through tai-chi, meditation and yoga. The cruise lines and ship have features like healthy spa foods, salads, and local organic produce, which you can buy and return home with. On top of that, you will have access to a fitness trainer and nutritionist on board.

Wine Cruises

Some cruise lines, like the Celebrity Cruise line, sail to famous wine-producing regions like Spain, France and Portugal. While on these trips, they will have local guest vintners come on the ship to tell the story of what happens behind the scenes producing high-end bottles such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. If you miss any of the sessions, do not worry, there are loads of lectures and classes on Wine and Food pairing and Wine Appreciation.

Tips On Choosing A Themed Cruise

Do Your Research

Before you book any themed cruise, you need to understand the type of cruise you will be going for. Is it a charted cruise or a group meeting for a special event? It is also essential to have realistic expectations of what the cruise will include, from the interactive sessions, dressing-up, live performances and the special port activities.

Your Budget

Make sure you are aware of everything your fare covers. Are there any additional costs when meeting your favorite celebrities? Examining whether the onshore activities will have any extra charges is also essential.

Make Sure You Book Early

Themed cruises are very popular among its fans, with many returning yearly. They tend to sell out very fast and early. If you want to go on a particular cruise, plan for it accordingly. Understanding the cruise line’s policy regarding cancellations and changes is also essential. If a third party books the cruise, the policies may differ from the cruise lines.

Be Prepared with All The Suggested Supplies

Check out all the suggested supplies or costumes for the theme cruise. If it is customary to dress up on the cruise, make sure you come prepared to party in style.

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