If you’re looking for a whisky tour that will take you all around the beautiful shores of Ireland, then you need to check out the Redbreast Whiskey tour! This 3-day whiskey journey will take you to some of the most iconic distilleries in Ireland and show you how to taste some of the world’s best whiskies.




The Whiskey Tour of Ireland: A Guide to Redbreast Whiskey


Redbreast Irish Whiskey is the most popular whiskey in Ireland and for good reason. This smooth, flavorful drink is perfect for sipping on its own or mixing into your favorite cocktail. Here are five tips to help you enjoy the Redbreast experience:


  1. Start your tour at the distillery in Midleton. Situated in County Cork, this is where all of the Redbreast whisky is made. You’ll get a better understanding of how the whiskey is made and taste some of the different types available.


  1. Next stop is Tullamore Dew, located in County Offaly. This distillery has been producing whiskey since 1783 and you can sample their variety of whiskies here.


  1. Head over to Kilbeggan Distillery in County Westmeath next for a tour and tasting session. This distillery was founded in 1825 and makes a range of whiskeys, including Single Malt Irish Whisky and Jameson Cask Strength Irish Whiskey (the latter being one of our favorites).


  1. Finally, take a trip to Bushmills Distillery in County Antrim to try some of their signature whiskeys – such as Black Bush, Early Mornington Hill and White Label – before ending your tour with a dram or two of your favorite Redbreast!




The Whiskey Tour of Ireland: A Guide to Redbreast Whiskey

Redbreast is the most popular and well-known whiskey in Ireland. It’s a smooth, mellow spirit with a rich, sweet flavor. If you’re looking for an introduction to Irish whiskey, start your tour with Redbreast.


In the 1840s, John Jameson started distilling whiskey in Dublin. He soon found that the local grain was better suited to producing a high-quality whisky than Scottish malt. The result was Redbreast–a smooth, mellow spirit with a rich, sweet flavor.


Today, Redbreast is still made in Dublin and exported all over the world. You can buy it at liquor stores and pubs throughout Ireland or order it online (check out www.redbreastwhiskey.com for more details). If you’re interested in learning more about Irish whiskey, start your tour with Redbreast!


What is Irish Whiskey?


Irish Whiskey is a distilled spirit made from malted barley and water. It is often aged in oak barrels for up to 12 years, and can be made either sweet or dry. The quality of Irish whiskey depends on the distiller’s skill in selecting the right grains, matching the barrel size to the desired flavor profile, and managing fermentation and distillation processes.


The most well-known Irish whiskey is Redbreast, which is produced by Midleton Distillery in County Cork. Other popular Irish whiskeys include Bushmills (produced by Bushmills Distillery in County Antrim), Connemara (produced by Cooley Distillery), Powers (produced by Jameson whisky), Tullamore Dew (produced by Tullamore Dew whiskies), and Tyrconnell (produced by Tyrconnell Distillery).


History of Redbreast


Redbreast is one of the world’s most famous and popular whiskey brands. The distillery was founded in 1825 by James White and John Johnston in Bushmills, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The brand today produces a range of whiskeys including 12-, 16- and 40-year-olds. In 2013, Redbreast became the first Irish whiskey to be awarded a prestigious ‘Distilled Spirit’ award from the American Distilling Institute (ADI).


The story of Redbreast dates back to 1825 when James White and John Johnston set up their distillery in Bushmills. At the time, Bushmills was an isolated outpost on the edge of a wild Atlantic coast. It was a challenging location to distil whisky – the harsh climate and rough terrain made production difficult and dangerous. However, these challenges only made Redbreast more special – it is now one of the world’s most sought-after whiskies.


Today, the distillery still operates under its original name – Redbreast Whiskey – but it has expanded its operations significantly over the years. Today, Redbreast produces a range of whiskeys including 12-, 16- and 40-year-olds. In 2013, Redbreast became the first Irish whiskey to be awarded a prestigious ‘Distilled Spirit’ award from the American Distilling Institute (ADI). This accolade confirms that Redbreast is an exceptional whisk(e)y with impeccable quality


How to Enjoy Redbreast Whiskey


Redbreast is one of the most popular Irish whiskeys on the market, and for good reason. The whiskey is made from a blend of both grain and malt whiskeys, giving it a smooth texture and flavor. Whether you’re new to Irish Whiskey or just looking to try something new, Redbreast is a great option.


To enjoy Redbreast properly, start with a cold glass. The whiskey has a relatively light taste that goes well with sparkling water or soda. If you want to get more out of your drink, add some ice cubes.


If you’re looking for an elegant evening Whiskey experience, Redbreast is definitely worth trying. It pairs well with most food items and can be enjoyed neat or over ice.


What Makes a Good Whiskey Tour?


When it comes to whiskey tours, Ireland is definitely a destination worth visiting. Not only does the country have some of the most prestigious and well-known distilleries in the world, but also its distilling heritage is steeped in history.


So what makes a good whiskey tour in Ireland? Well, one important factor is choosing wisely. Not all distilleries are created equal, and some offer better experiences than others. Also, be sure to book your tour well in advance as popularity can lead to high demand and long wait times.


However, regardless of where you go on your tour or what spirit you sample, there are a few key things that will make the experience truly memorable. First and foremost, be sure to visit distilleries that highlight their individual whiskeys. This gives you an opportunity to learn about the production process from start to finish, as well as taste different varieties of whisky. Secondly, take advantage of guided tours if possible – they not only provide interesting information but also give you a chance to see things outside the usual tourist sights. Finally, don’t forget to socialize – Irish whiskey is famously fun and enjoyable to drink!




If you’re looking for a whiskey tour that will take your breath away, then the Whiskey Tour of Ireland is definitely the perfect option for you. This nine-day adventure will take you from Dublin to Cork and all points in between, exploring some of the best whiskey distilleries in Ireland. Not only will you get to sample some of the country’s most famous whiskeys, but you’ll also learn about their history and production process. Whether you’re a whisky lover or just curious about Irish culture, don’t miss out on this amazing experience!

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