Split System Installation

It is not a secret when we say that the HVAC systems are indeed a very essential part of any commercial, industrial, residential, or institutional building. They play a major role in maintaining the warmth inside these buildings during the winters and maintains a cool environment inside these buildings during summers. There is various type of air conditioning systems now available in the market and you need to choose based on your requirement.

The major purpose served by the commercial HVAC systems is thermal comfort to the building’s occupants by managing & adjusting to the outdoor conditions & maintaining the indoor air at the desired temperature.

In case you already have any experience with commercial HVAC systems, then you would surely be familiar with the various types of HVAC systems that are readily available in today’s market. All of these combinations fall into any of the below-mentioned categories:

  • Single split system installation 
  • Multi split system installation 
  • VRV or VRF Systems
Split System Installation
Split System Installation 

Different Types of Commercial HVAC Systems 

In this article, we would discuss the different types of major HVAC systems that are being popularly used in commercial buildings.

Single split system installation is certainly a very affordable and feasible option for commercial buildings. They are very suitable for small cafes, businesses, cozy spaces, shops, homes, and similar spaces. The greatest thing is that each of the indoor units is accompanied by an exterior unit.

These HVAC systems usually comprise of an air furnace responsible for the circulation of air via the air ducts & the air pass through the refrigerant lines. The one and only drawback of these single-split systems are that you must control the space separately, and you would have the outdoor unit that would occupy a whole lot of space.

The multi-split system installation, on the contrary, consists of various indoor units that are very well-connected to each other. The outer unit in this case is much larger as compared to the outer unit of the single split installation system. They are perfect for larger spaced commercials establishments like retail shops, restaurants, doctor’s offices, and other places of business that have several floors and rooms. These systems are made up of heat pumps which are responsible for circulating the air through the air ducts that pass the air just like the natural airflows. This saves you a lot of power expenses. However, the overall installation cost is higher as you would require installing several indoor units.

A VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow system majorly involves a heat pump for the usage of a refrigerant in the heating and cooling lines. The system has multiple evaporators that are connected to just a single condensing unit. This is very crucial to note that the Heat Recovery Variable Refrigerant Flow system is able to provide both heating and cooling to various spaces at the same time by the usage of warm air from various areas of the building & using this to deliver the heat where that is required. These systems are ideal for those buildings that have smaller rooms.


In this modern era, technology is consistently evolving & getting more and more advanced. The HVAC systems usually demand a lot of attention and specialized care. They are ideally required to be upgraded at regular intervals for satisfying the demands and comforts of the users. The split system installation is one of the most effective HVAC systems that are being used in commercial setups. conduct research before you buy any air conditioning system for your usage.

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