Chinese cuisine in Dubai

Here is a simple guide to some of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Dubai. Almost everyone’s favorite holiday destination is Dubai. It is known for being one of the richest cities in the world and for its state-of-the-art architecture.

Along with some of the largest man-made structures in the world, it also possesses a variety of international cuisines. A rich country like this houses some of the finest dining restaurants that are built in the most lavish way. It is common knowledge how famous Chinese foods are all over the world. Now let us look at how Chinese Cuisine has left a mark on the dining business in Dubai. Here are a few restaurants that are famous for their Chinese cuisine in Dubai.


Hakkasan is a fine dining restaurant located at the Avenues, inside iconic Atlantis, in the heart of Dubai. Apart from the fact that they provide top-quality food, they also have some of the most aesthetic Chinese looks in Dubai. They have a layout of secluded dining areas that are separated by their signature dark oak latticing.

One of Hakkasan’s most popular dishes is Peking duck. They offer both a whole Peking duck and half a Peking duck. The restaurant has made sure to stay true to the history and origin of the dish. Their menu also features an AED 1960 version of the same dish that comes with royal beluga caviar.

Royal China

Royal China is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Dubai. They provide authentic Dim Sums that come with a variety of flavors to appeal to taste buds of any kind. Royal China also offers spring rolls in their authentic vegetarian form to include some of the vegetarian customers. The spring rolls are also stuffed with crispy prawns giving diners more options to choose from. The décor and vibe of this restaurant itself set a great first impression.

The China Club

This popular restaurant is located at Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek. This famous restaurant shows off its Sichuan style of cooking. It has 8 menu items prepared purely in the signature Sichuan style. This restaurant definitely needs more than one visit to try them all. These dishes include Australian lobster tossed in Sichuan sauce, prawns grilled in a Sichuan marinade, and even stir-fried crispy chicken marinated in a thick coating of Sichuan sauce.

Hong Loong

Another famous pioneer in Sichuan cuisine is the Hong Loong restaurant in Dubai. They are proud to showcase their authentic Asian fusion experience that includes cuisines from all over Asia. Some of its more popular Chinese dishes are crispy Sichuan chili chicken and stewed beef brisket prepared in Sichuan style in a clay pot. If you’re looking to try some authentic Chinese food, Hong Loong is the place to be at.

These are just some of the best Chinese cuisine restaurants in Dubai that invite diners to experience authentic Chinese dishes. However, there are a lot more Chinese cuisine restaurants to explore when you are in Dubai.

By Russell Crowe

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