Micro Roni CAA

If you’re looking for the ultimate custom kit to make your Glock, feel like a whole new gun, then look no further than the Micro Roni CAA from CKS Tactical! With this custom kit, you can easily attach the popular Micro Roni folding pistol grip to any full-sized Glock firearm in seconds with no tools. This custom kit has everything you need to start outfitting your Glock right away and includes everything below


Micro Roni is a custom kit that includes a roni style grip, slide, barrel, and complete upper. This kit was developed to meet the specific needs of military and law enforcement personnel who need to conceal their weapon but still have an effective platform for self-defense. The MICRO RONI CAA has a shorter barrel than the standard-sized Micro Roni which enables it to be more easily concealed under clothing or in off-body carry positions.

Why Glock Customization Is Great?

Glock customization is a great way to personalize and make your Glock firearm uniquely yours. If you’re looking for a high-quality, customized Glock kit, look no further than the Micro Roni CAA kit. It comes with two kits that can be installed on any model of the Glock.

A complete set of all tools needed are included in this package to give you an out of box solution ready to go straight from the box. It also includes a full set of hex key wrenches, Allen wrenches, magazines, magazine pouches, and custom laser engraving plates. It even has a lifetime warranty on every component of this kit so if anything, ever breaks or doesn’t work properly, they’ll send you replacements free of charge.

Micro Roni CAA Glock customization is one way to stand out among other Glock owners who don’t have as much invested in their firearms as you do.

There are a few key benefits of buying a Glock customization kit. One is that it can give you more control over your gun. You can change barrel, sights, and grips to fit the way you prefer. This can make your gun better suited for your shooting style and preferences. Additionally, customizing a Glock makes it easier to find parts that match your specific needs. This can save you time and money in the long run.

You should really consider the Micro Roni CAA when it’s time for your next handgun purchase.


This kit is perfect for any shooter, whether they are an avid outdoorsman or a competitive shooter. It’s the most versatile pistol conversion kit on the market today and is compatible with the following pistols: Beretta 92/96, Glock 17/22, Sig Sauer P226/P220, Springfield XD/XDM and H&K USP. This package includes everything you need to convert your pistol into a carbine rifle that can be used for hunting or competitive shooting.

With this conversion kit, you will have the versatility of being able to use both semiautomatic and fully automatic fire modes as well as having multiple magazine types available (30 round polymer magazines or 20 round aluminum magazines). With these features, not only does this model make an excellent weapon for competition shooters but it also makes a perfect long-distance weapon in tactical situations.

When you own a Glock, there are certain benefits that come with it. With the right Glock customization kit, you can get all of the extra features and options that you need to make your gun perfect for yourself. This can be a fun and rewarding experience, giving your Glock an edge over others on the market. Here are five of the most common Glock customization kits that you might want to consider:

The Micro Roni Tactical Grip

This grip is designed specifically for Glocks and is made from durable hard plastic. It has a comfortable fit and fits tightly around your grip finger, making it easier to control your gun. It also comes with several built-in features, such as an anti-slip coating and textured surfaces to improve grip without adding any weight or bulk.

Use of Glock Custom Kits

For those who are looking for the ultimate custom Glock, you’ll need the Micro Roni CAA. This custom kit has everything you could ever want in a full-sized pistol and is perfect for both self-defense and recreational shooting. It’s easy to maintain thanks to its durable construction, and it comes with many other accessories like an extra barrel extension, Picatinny rails, flashlight adapter etc.

When it comes to customization of your firearm there’s no better way than with this kit! If you’re interested in adding this amazing piece of equipment to your collection, check out our blog post The Ultimate Custom Glock Kit.

Pros of Glock Customizing Kit

CKS machined from aircraft-grade aluminum billet and hard anodized, the Micro Roni is a lightweight platform perfect for conceal carry. This kit includes the RONI pistol grip that replaces your factory grip and provides a full-length Picatinny rail on top to attach accessories. Featuring a quick-detach system and reversible design, this kit can be used as both a left-handed or right-handed configuration with the flip of a lever.

There are also two included interchangeable backstraps, so you can customize the grip size to fit your hand. The magazine release button has been enlarged and made easier to access while wearing gloves. A sliding safety is also included which allows you to disengage it with either thumb while in use.

This kit comes complete with a pre-drilled upper frame, slide assembly, recoil spring guide rod assembly, recoil spring assembly, and all required hardware needed for installation in addition to instructions


This kit is perfect for any shooter who wants to customize their weapon in order to meet their specific needs. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or just want a fun new toy, the Micro Roni is perfect for you! It’s a little bit heavier than other guns but that’s why it feels so sturdy and secure while shooting.

The gun itself comes with all of the customization options you’ll need including rails and side mounts, making this an easy one-stop-shop for your customizing needs. In conclusion, if you are looking to have your own custom gun without going through all of the hassles of buying parts separately and figuring out how they work together on your own then the Micro Roni from CKS Tactical is perfect for you!

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