Part of the story takes place in a live music club. The singer goes to her shop to sing with her band and perform in a Latino nightclub somewhere, but the venue is not suitable for the public (we still need to get that Latino feel). We want to give as many people as possible the impression of proximity. This painting shows cities, so it conveys the message.

The next set of shots shows the singer,

The audience and his band in the 풀싸롱. There are dancers and other cool people in the room. These dancers can be from any part of the world so we need different ethnicities (African American, Asian, White and European). The video is made with dynamism and emotion, so the need for beautiful people (actors/actresses) and dancers/dancers is absolutely necessary, especially when the salsa part in the song kicks in. The image has color reduction. Rich in light nuances and Latin atmosphere, this music video conveys a sense of reality.

At the forefront of the club is the band with drums,

Percussion, guitar, bass and horn sections. The dancers are on the dance floor, some on stage maybe one or two. Perhaps there is a packed crowd at the band level or the musicians are on a high stage. When the salsa beat kicks in, many couples dance together emotionally, like the dirty dances in the movie Havana. The singer may join the crowd at some point. The party should be passionate, sensual and fun.

The main action is set in a club, but the changing cities are interesting (LA, NYC, Paris and Barcelona). The singer, the main character, also travels the world singing the verse while walking the streets of big cities at night. She’ll be wearing the same outfits that give a timeless meaning to what happened tonight. The clothes are a hat, a jacket, maybe a scarf, jeans and boots. He will sing the lines in the streets. If it is not possible to shoot in different cities, we can use one location to distract from the eccentricity and relevance of the video. We want to form the idea that this could happen just off Paris Avenues in New York’s Times Square or Hollywood Boulevard in LA in Barcelona’s Old Town Square.

Correct nuances such as color reduction and location are central to this story.

They give a trendy look to short scenes and go well with night scenes. We also want to avoid being too neutral in colors. The video should not be like any other home video. Not. The image should be eye-catching and eye-catching (avoid grainy images). Therefore, we need to monitor the lighting and image parameters.

Finally, we want the audience to sing the English choir. So we have to teach the audience to sing the lines in a crowd, or find a way to record the voices singing those lines in English. We use the sound of the room or record the sounds in another studio.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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