The Spix’s Macaw ( Cyanopsitta spixiii) was believed to be extinct until the birds were discovered in the latter half of the 1980s. Today, only one wild male bird is found in their natural habitat along the Rio Sao Francisco in the state of Bahia in Brazil.

Spix’s macaw lives in a restricted range, and its current habitat has been badly damaged, but certain habitats are still suitable tababuia-dominated gallery woods which is found on the banks of creeks. Purple Birds They can be found nesting and feeding in the Tabebui trees.


Spix’s macaws is a medium-sized light blue-grey macaw. Beaks are black. feet are gray, and the lower sides of the tail as well as the wings are dark gray. Tail is tapered and long.


The wild male is currently in a relationship together with one Illigers macaw. Both have laid eggs. They produced Illigers chicks which were put in their nests. In 1994, a captive female was released to help repair the bird, but she disappeared.The Spix’s Macaw  A Fading Beauty

it was discovered recently that she was killed after she crashed through power lines. About 50 birds are currently in captivity and are breed to produce animals for reintroduction efforts but the majority of the population in captivity is closely related to.

Spix’s macaws are successfully breeding throughout the Phillippines, Switzerland and in Spain and the population in captivity has been growing steadily. The owners of the birds in captivity are part of a group called the permanent Committee of Restoring Spix’s Macaw and work together with Brazilian wildlife officials. Plans are being put in place to allow future reintroductions. Are Bats Birds 

Through the efforts by the committee permanent that works to save the endangered Spix’s Macaw and the commitment of field scientists as well as the financial support of donors like The Loro Parque Foundation and the help of IBAMA there is hope for this stunning bird to live on. For more information on Spix’s Macaws visit

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