Onco EMR

Designed with oncology in mind, OncoEMR is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) that helps oncology practices thrive in value-based care programs. This software is a HIPAA-compliant solution that is designed to facilitate oncology practices with data gathering and medical monitoring. It also enables providers to participate in value-based payment models and receive payer remittances electronically. It offers a range of features to help oncologists manage patient documents and administer chemotherapy orders safely and efficiently.


Onco EMR offers a user-friendly interface and easy-to-learn features. This oncology-specific EMR enables providers to build complete protocols and perform data collection and analysis. It also allows for customizing diagnostic and treatment tools. OncoEMR also features a patient portal, allowing providers to view and interact with patients and their treatment information from any location. It also supports Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

OncoEMR is a cloud-based EMR with many unique features designed to meet the needs of oncology practices. This software provides HIPAA compliance, an integrated patient portal, and practice management tools. It is also fully integrated with leading oncology decision support tools. OncoEMR is supported by a team of MIPS experts who guide providers through the requirements of the program. These experts also monitor documentation of data. In addition, OncoEMR includes 150+ preloaded reports that allow providers to extract insights from data. These reports include chemotherapy regimens, PQRS reporting, physician noting, and scheduling. OncoEMR also supports SureScripts licensed e-prescribing.

The OncoEMR patient portal can be accessed online or on an iPad. In addition, the OncoEMR inbox provides access to critical information, such as laboratory results by acuity, radiology reports, messages, documents to be signed, and more. With OncoEMR, providers can build complete protocols for chemotherapy and other treatments, and perform detailed scrutiny of patient documentation. It also helps with performance monitoring, formal reporting requirements, and data gathering.

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The OncoEMR inbox is divided into sections. The first section is where providers will find the patient’s information, including the patient’s demographics, diagnosis, treatment history, and medication list. Users can also select the “Summary” button to get a short patient summary. Alternatively, users can find the client by first and last names. OncoEMR also allows users to access and view essential client data while on vacation or on hospital rotations.

Patient Portal

The OncoEMR patient portal is also integrated with mobile phones and tablets, providing clinicians with access to essential client data when they are on the go. The OncoAir app, which is also supported by OncoEMR, allows clinicians to view the client’s information in the client’s chart and dictate care when away from the office. The app allows users to search clients based on their first and last names, health file numbers, and more. In addition, the OncoEMR mobile app also allows users to access and view essential client information when on vacation.

OncoEMR can also be used to track patients from intake to discharge. It also offers practice, physician, and patient-level quality performance tracking. It is also compatible with hospital billing systems, and has an inventory management system. Its claims scrubbing feature enables providers to receive payer remittances electronically. In addition, OncoEMR is HIPAA-compliant and compliant with federal regulations regarding patient privacy. It uses 256-bit SSL encryption technology for secure data transfer.

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