The race for California’s 44th Congressional District is heating up, with both the Democratic and Republican candidates putting up a vigorous fight. The District, which includes Hollywood and much of the Westside of Los Angeles, is seen as a critical battleground in the race for control of Congress.

The following article will give details about the history of this District and what issues are at stake.

History of California’s 44th Congressional District

California’s democrat for Congress 44th congressional was created following the 2010 Census. The first election in the 44th District took place on November 6, 2012. The District includes some parts of Los Angeles and Orange counties. 

The 44th Congressional District has a population of 711,641 people. The largest city in the District is Anaheim, which has 336,265 people. Other districts’ cities include Long Beach, Santa Ana, and Garden Grove. 

How Often Are Congressional Districts Reapportioned?

Every ten years, the U.S. Census Bureau conducts a nationwide census. The census results are used to reapportion congressional districts across the country. Reapportionment is the process of redrawing district boundaries to reflect population changes. 

After each census, the California State Legislature uses a process known as the “census blocks” method to draw new congressional district boundaries. The census block method starts with creating “census blocks” – the minor geographic units used by the U.S. Census Bureau. Once the census blocks are created, the Legislature combines them into “districts” of equal population. 

Types of Candidates

There are two types of candidates for the elections: democratic and republican. 

1) Democratic

The democratic party is the party that believes in individual freedom, liberty, and responsibility. 

Democrats believe that government has a role to play in making our lives better, but at the same time, they insist on preserving our freedoms. 

The only way for this to happen is through an active citizenry-a participatory democracy where people are encouraged to get involved and have a say in the decisions that affect their lives.

2) Republican 

The republican party is California’s Democrat candidate for Congress 44th congressional that believes in limited government, personal responsibility, and free enterprise. 

Republicans believe that government should be small and discreet and that each individual is responsible for their success or failure.  

They believe in the free market and that businesses should flourish without government interference. Republicans also tend to be more socially conservative than Democrats.

3) Independent Candidates

Independent candidates are a valuable part of any election. They offer an alternative to the two main parties, and they can help keep the conversation honest. Independent candidates can also be a thorn in the establishment’s side, which is why they’re often ignored or marginalized.

They may share some of your values, or they may not. They’re not bound by party loyalty, and they’ll often work based on what they think is best for their district or state. 

If you’re thinking about voting for an independent candidate, research them thoroughly. Make sure they align with your values and make sure they have a chance of winning in your state or District. 


Voting for the right candidate is one of the most important things a citizen can do to uphold democracy. Research shows that when citizens have accurate information about the candidates and the issues, they are more likely to vote for candidate who aligns with their beliefs.

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