When the cold weather begins to take a toll on the environment, tyre experts recommend switching over to winter tyres Burton on Trent. These tyres ensure smooth driving and optimal performance on icy and snowy road surfaces. The softer rubber compound of winter tyres provides high levels of traction in cold conditions.

Its tread pattern has deeper grooves and more sipes, allowing the tyre to disperse water away quickly, preventing hydroplaning on wet roads. If you live in a region having a lot of ice and snow, you must equip your vehicle with winter tyres. They operate better than summer and all-season tyres in wintry conditions.

Pros of Winter Tyres

Take a look at some of the many advantages of winter car tyres Burton on Trent:-

Improved Grip – 

These units provide a high grip on roads covered with ice and snow. Their tread pattern enables them to bite into the snow and grip the vehicle with the road. The softer rubber compound of winter tyres allows them to be supple and flexible in cold conditions. The increased grip ensures that the car can stop and steer in the winter weather.

Better Braking – 

When everything starts to freeze, the braking ability of a car begins to downgrade. The superior grip of winter tyres helps to interlock and cling to the icy and snowy roads. It allows for more efficient and sharp braking performance. When you equip your vehicle with winter tyres, you are safer on the road with RoadX tyres Burton on Trent

Increased Life – 

When you switch to winter tyres, you give your current tyres this well-deserved break. It extends the life of your tyres. While you may require to store two sets of tyres for different seasons, but in the end, you are saving money and enjoying a hassle-free experience. Ensure to switch back to your summer or all-season tyres when winter gets over. These tyres are suitable for cold weather and will break down quickly when the temperatures rise above 7 degrees Celsius.

Avoids Corrosion – 

These units have a unique tread pattern design that copes with the cold weather. Their silica rubber compounds ensure the rims of the tyre do not corrode and rust.

Aquaplane Resistance – 

Winter tyres have a unique tread design with more grooves and fewer sipes, allowing them to evacuate water away quickly. It ensures better handling and cornering performance in slippery conditions.

Cons of Winter Tyres

Below mentioned are the disadvantages of changing to winter tyres:-

Increased Cost – 

Winter tyres are a bit costly than their summer counterparts. The cost can become more expensive, depending on the type of the vehicle and its size.

Poor Handling – 

While these tyres offer excellent grip and braking power, they are not as efficient in handling the vehicle. In severe conditions, you’ll have to ensure that you drive safely and more carefully than usual to avoid dangerous situations.

Relatively Fragile – 

Winter tyres have a different tyre construction than summer and all-season tyres. They will wear more quickly in other seasons. Do not use winter tyres throughout the year. As soon as the temperatures begin to rise, remove these tyres and fit your standard set of tyres.

Tougher Ride – 

Even though winter tyres are soft and supple, they can provide a harsh ride. When driving the car on frozen roads, you’ll have to remain extra careful.

Excessive Wear – 

Winter tyres incorporate soft rubber compounds, making them wear down quicker than others. When you drive your car on winter tyres when not in need, it reduces the tyre’s lifespan and ultimately ruins their life.

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