Philippine BPOs: Getting Ahead of the Automation Curve

To be acclaimed as a global leader in not just Onshore Vs Offshore outsourcing but any industry for that matter, requires very strong credentials. Much of the offshore back-office operations of businesses based in the western countries, especially those that are English-speaking, relate to customer support/service. Business owners know very well that customers can be demanding in matters of the support services they receive. If the customer support staff misses out on anything related to courtesy or proper articulation as per native custom, it will ring in their ears. Interestingly, this is where the Philippines is way ahead of its competitors in terms of seamless and efficient IT support and digital marketing services. 

High rate of literacy and technical education 

At 98% the literacy rate in the Philippines is among the highest in both Asia and the world. This came as a natural advantage for the Philippines outsourcing services industry and that resulted in a lot of capital investment in the industry even as far back as the early part of this century. With time, the investors got a hefty return on investment (ROI) from their BPOs and that triggered the growth of the industry in the Philippines.  luckymuttsanimalrescue

Hence, the BPO providers in the country realized the significant advantages that they have in comparison to competitors elsewhere in the world. They not only have a well-educated workforce with high levels of compatibility to an IT-enabled work environment but also one that knows English very well. In this way, the factors for healthy growth of the industry in the Philippines ticked all the right boxes.  

Professionalism backed by the great work ethic 

The customer service call center operations anywhere require 100% compliance with data protection guidelines and in this matter, the Philippines is way ahead of its competition. The professionalism of the average Filipino worker and his/her level of compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs) are unmatched. 

This is the advantage of having a well-educated workforce handling your call center customer service operations. They are knowledgeable and intelligent enough to understand that data protection is a highly critical part of the outsourced customer support industry. Their livelihood and careers are tied to this industry and they feel obliged to protect it as best as they can.  engineerontheroad

Cultural affinity with the western world 

The Philippines was a Spanish colony for over 300 years and was under the political control of the United States (US) for nearly 50 years before it became an independent country. Even after independence, it continued to have very close relations with the US and other western countries. Today 3 out of every 4 Filipinos speak English, which is a major advantage for BPO Philippines. 

In the Philippines, SEO services for overseas clients are the mainstay of the economy. The staff providing such customer support/services needs to have native proficiency in English, while cultural affinity would always be an added advantage. The Philippines enjoys an advantage in both these aspects. 

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