If you want to be the kind of man who is always nice to people, you must take a vow to be nice to others at all times. A person who has a bad reputation cannot be a nice man because he will just be mean to everyone. On the other hand, if you are a nice person, people will always be nice to you. That means that they will always treat you well. Even if they didn’t know you before, they will respect you as a good person. Therefore, you should always be happy. You should smile, laugh, and act nicely.

A person who doesn’t act nicely isn’t a nice bygga muskler person. A person who is kind to others can be a good man. However, a good man should always be considerate and helpful to others. He should try to help the people he meets. Good men will help people with their problems and help others who are having difficulties. Good men are like brothers to others. They love each other. They care about one another. A good man will be loyal to his friends and family. This is why he will never harm them. He wants to see them safe. Good people are kind, honest, and respectable. They are good in every way.

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