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We live in the information age, where it is never easier to find data and opinions on the things that matter most. This access to such awareness also extends to entertainment. If you’re planning a night out in London, you may wish to check reviews of restaurants in Covent Garden to find the best choice for your sustenance.

Online reviews take on all manner of forms, posted by professionals and amateurs alike. Everybody’s mileage will vary as to which opinions they value most. Will you take the word of a professional food critic over all others, do you have a favourite travel blog that you consider in line with your personal tastes, or would you rather take in the opinions and perspectives of everyday diners on a site like Trip Advisor?

With so many restaurants in Covent Garden, you’re sure to find a range of reviews available – no matter who writes them. Places to search for these insights include:

Professional reviews

  • Time Out
  • Andy Hayler
  • The Good Food Guide

National newspapers also have dedicated food critics that review the latest and greatest eateries, including those found in Covent Garden. Google is your friend here.

Food and wine blogs

  • Square Meal
  • The Infatuation
  • Cheese and Biscuits

There are honestly too many blogs to list here – search online and bookmark some of your favourites, especially those whose sensibilities align with yours.

Consumer advice websites

Check social media, too – you’ll find that any restaurant in Covent Garden worth visiting will have its own Facebook and Instagram page, and you’ll likely find comments and reviews available.

One thing will soon become apparent if you study reviews of restaurants in Covent Garden – the name of Cora Pearl will consistently be spoken in glowing terms. As the home of elevated British comfort food, this eatery has attracted a rapturous reception from professional food critics, bloggers, and everyday visitors.

If you’re keen to enjoy a memorable dining experience at one of the finest restaurants in Covent Garden, Cora Peal should be among the first locations you investigate.

Once you have enjoyed a meal at Cora Pearl, be sure to add your voice to the many that have already shared their views. With competition for trade being so fierce, restaurants in Covent Garden will always appreciate feedback from patrons that visit – and you’ll be helping countless future visitors to the west end find their perfect place to eat, drink, and be merry.

By Russell Crowe

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