Being punctual with a car maintenance schedule, is great, but does it enough of having these visits to a workshop. Absolutely not! A car might need a number of fixes or tune –up now to prevent critical car troubles.

But waiting until the next scheduled maintenance appointment is not the best thing for your car or for you personally. While some repairs can wait until your next scheduled maintenance appointment, others must be attended to right away.

The following is a list of some urgently needed critical car repairs.

Lack of response from brakes

The majority of the time, your car needs to visit a shop once a year or whenever it travels a certain distance.

This does not, however, guarantee that the car will not experience the most critical car troubles between routine maintenance visits. There is a good chance that your car will experience problems like slow response time on the brakes. And, it might need some testing to check out the proper cause of concern.

While the majority of auto experts advise replacing brake pads every 50,000 KM or so, there are a few easily observable signs that could mean you need new brakes sooner than expected. When braking, if you hear a high-pitched noise or a grinding noise, consult a professional mechanic immediately.

Your car might need fresh brake pads right away. However, service my car should be your preferred choice.

Your car may ask for new set of tyres

A vehicle makes its initial contact with the ground through its tyres. The right tyres, inflated to the right pressure, can make a huge difference in your car’s handling, performance, and even gas mileage even though they carry all of the weight of a vehicle.

However, even if you consistently maintain the ideal pressure, this does not ensure safety from deterioration. However, there are ways to delay deterioration. The best one is tyre rotation, especially after your car has travelled 10,000 or 12,000 km.

It is obvious that tyres have a finite lifespan and must be replaced at some point.

If you wait too long to replace them, you might wind up with bald tyres that make driving more risky. But you can’t help but put off getting new tyres even when you go for a pressure check at least once a month or whenever it is necessary to prevent critical car troubles.

Additionally, never attempt to drive with a flat tyre because it could do more harm than good. However, Service My Car offers roadside assistance for these circumstances and you just need to call once.

Opt for Engine Diagnostics if a check engine light appears on the dashboard

Modern, sophisticated vehicles have all the essential information available on the dashboard. There are numerous lights and warnings on the dashboard of your car. Some of them convey simple information such as fuel level, engine temperature, etc., while others are critical, such as the check engine light.

There might be a number of issues that can prompt a check engine light to lighten up. However, you should not take this for granted when it comes to engine.

Consult a mechanic as soon as you notice the check engine light because the engine needs immediate attention. In many situations, keeping your car on the road for more than a few miles can result in anything from unsafe emissions to an overheated engine it may cause for the critical car issue.

You can search on the web for a Mercedes Benz garage near me, to opt for Mercedes Benz repair and service in Manchester.

Do not neglect the windshield cracks

Although cracks are unavoidable, they are controllable. The cracks may appear if a piece of stone or wood accidentally touches the windscreen.

A cracked windshield not only impairs the driver’s vision but also poses a serious safety risk. Since many workshops can repair minor cracks, hurrying to one is essential to preventing further damage and critical car troubles.

A significant crack, however, would be difficult to fix, and in this situation, it might be a good idea to replace the windshield on your car.

A crack does not appear too substantial until it damages the entire windshield during a drive. However, a major threat is an accident when a crack breaks down while you are driving and blocks the front view. It can be avoided just by taking some precautionary steps if any crack appears when something hits on the windshield.

Take your car to a reliable workshop such as Service My Car, so you can be sure you’ll get a car windshield replacement that keeps you safe.

These above-mentioned points are critical due to their severity and impact on the vehicle. Whether your brakes aren’t working properly or your check engine light just came on, you need to take immediate action to prevent further, more costly damage.

Some of the maintenance goes according to schedule, others does not. Take your car to your local service centre for Service My Car as soon as you notice any of the cautionary signs.

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