A cake is a sweet baked dessert that comes in many flavors. Initially, it was modified bread covered in honey or different sweetening materials. It is one of the most loved desserts in the world which has equal importance globally. Its importance can be judged by Julia Child’s these words: A birthday party without cake is just a meeting”.
It is made for celebrating any event of happiness and remembrance. It is loved by people of all age classes. Like in a movie after eating the whole cake the lead character says “I am not much of cake person”. A cake is included in meals on daily basis and is now a part of the diet.
A cake is mostly made from flour, eggs, sugar, butter or oil, and leavening agents like Baking soda or Baking powder. There are many additives added to give taste to cake like cocoa, dried or fresh fruit, nuts, and essences of vanilla. They are covered with dessert sauces or creams to give additional taste and make its appearance more attractive.
A cake was made as easy to make food for the purpose of feeding the people during the Great Depression. It was patented by a company and that was the beginning of the production of cakes in a box. The mass produced packed cakes are more preferred over specially baked cakes.
After the war, easy-make cake mix was introduced into the world that gave convenience to the women of all classes. But this caused the downfall of the cake market as women were dispirited by not making enough effort at home. So in light of this problem, Marketing strategists and psychologists introduced frosting, which gave women a chance to prepare their own custom cakes at home. Ever since cake has been a staple of markets worldwide.
Cake the Soul of a Celebration:
A cake is the most anticipated thing in any celebration. It is a part of every celebration no matter it is a birthday or a promotion party. A party without cake is not a party at all.
Cake holds a sacred place in the people’s life and has a special place in the daily life. It is a sign and display of happiness. There are cakes for every occasion like the Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, promotions, opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies etc. And certain flavors go with certain celebrations. For example, strawberry is a flavor which is signified especially for love related celebrations.
Cake Packaging:
Cakes come in all types, sizes, flavors, and shapes. There are dry cakes, fresh cream cakes, and ice cream cakes. Cakes are available in every possible flavor and any possible setting or shape. Some cakes are custom made in special shapes for special events. And hence the custom cake packaging boxes are made for this purpose. Cake boxes are usually made from cardboard or hard paper. Custom cake boxes are printed pre-cut and then assembled for the cake packaging. Sometimes cakes are made for special orders for weddings and birthdays. These cakes can’t be packed in conventional boxes and hence require custom cake packaging. The packaging material is a specially made paper that keeps the frosting intact for transportation of the cake.
The cake packaging boxes used in the baking industry are made of hard paper which is printed on one side and the inner side is often laminated so that cream or frosting doesn’t get absorbed into the paper. Customization in the boxes is important in the cake business no cakes are made alike. Normally bakers keep different sizes and types of cakes on display. Every cake on display may a different height, diameter, and frosting. So custom made boxes are produced so the customized cake can be packed in it. The boxes usually have a transparent top so that the customer can see the box and see what kind of cake it is.
Effects of bad quality boxes:
The worst kind of thing that could happen is to have a good quality cake packed in a bad quality packaging. Although most vendors and bakeries use custom bakery boxes for cakes. These bakery boxes have certain height and size to accommodate a large assortment of cakes. But sometimes vendors purchase boxes without thinking about the cakes they are going to make. When the size of the cake is larger than the boxes the aesthetic properties of the cake are completely destroyed. The sides or the top of the cake loses its beauty when pressed upon by the box sides. And a cake with smudgy and uneven frosting is unworthy of a display at any celebration or ceremony.
The customer losses all respect and trust from the particular bakery or vendor which has a drastic effect on the business. Bad boxes leave a bad impression on a customer’s mind and no matter how good the cake is the packaging destroys all qualities in a single blow.
Packaging is the only way to ensure sales of a product no matter how good your product is initially. The packaging should be durable and credible. It should be able to tell the customer that the product has good quality. People trust a product if the packaging is good. CAKE BOXES have the same effect on people. Bad boxes will make people think that cake is distasteful and the product and vendor will lose all respect in market gradually.
This proves that to market a good cake, good packaging is essential. It tells a story of credibility and superior quality to a customer. It leaves an everlasting impression on a customer’s mind and ensures customer loyalty. Cake packaging has to have the attributes of keeping the cake and it’s frosting intact so that it can be displayed at the specified event. Cakes often have writings on the top of the cake frosting which can be smudged or disrupted by bad or inappropriate packaging boxes.

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