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As Shisha enthusiasts, you are spoilt for choice regarding different kinds of Shisha. To begin, there are numerous categories to choose from. However, the most common type is Shisha tobacco, which unsurprisingly includes nicotine in its composition. 

Herbal variations, such as Shisha teabacco, are a well-liked alternative that is all-natural and free of artificial or cancer-causing chemicals. This form of Shisha Dubai is another popular type. 

Thousands of global brands are derived from these primary varieties, each with a flavor. So you get a distinctive experience according to the plant’s place of origin and the methods used in processing it. 

There are hundreds of different flavors of premium Shisha online to choose from, some of which include fruity flavors, creamy flavors, and spicy flavors. You can indulge in any of these flavors regardless of the brand or type of Shisha you prefer. 

Even though each flavor can be appreciated independently, combining different types of Shisha, different brands, and different flavors can significantly improve the overall smoking experience. 

That is all good, but at this point, you are probably asking what the advantages of combining Shisha are and how the flavors of Shisha should be adequately mixed. 

Do not worry; the answers to all of your inquiries and a list of the Shisha blends that were hand-picked by our team are provided below.

Perks Of Shisha Mixing

When it comes to the senses of taste and smell, it is common knowledge that combining specific components has an amplifying effect. Certain notes are high while simultaneously hiding other mild ones. 

Every day, we combine various culinary items to enhance the taste of meals and conceal disagreeable odors with other (less unpleasant) odors. In addition, a few mix multiple liquids to create a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (again, for smell and taste). 

You can’t just chuck a bunch of unrelated components into a dish and expect it to get better magically. For example, there is one glass of orange juice and one glass of milk for every peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

There is no difference between mixing different types, brands, and flavors of Shisha. Finding the proper combination can give out the most excellent qualities of each component. However, getting the wrong results is a waste of good Shisha Dubai that you could have enjoyed. 

We’ve done the research and testing for you, so you all have to choose a combination you typically enjoy eating.

The Shisha Dubai Blend Of Different Flavors

Mixing Shisha flavors that are either similar to one another or precisely the same from different brands or varieties can produce a more nuanced combination. 

If you use Shisha cultivated in a different region, the smoke from your Shisha device will have a slightly different flavor. Additionally, the degree of nicotine in the Shisha can be adjusted up or down according to your preferences. All you have to do is modify the ratio of tobacco to teabacco. 

At Shisha Art, we enjoy mixing Al Fakher Shisha tobacco, double mint, blue mist, love 66, summer fruits, tropical mix, funky desire, citrus champagne, and secret garden are a few popular premium Shisha online flavors.

Even though it would be pretty difficult to mess these up, here are some of the UAE favorites that you can indeed find them anywhere:

Al-Waha Shisha tobacco (Jordan) and Heaven Leaf Shisha teabacco as Shisha tobacco blends of choice (Sri Lanka). Al Fakher Rose and Heaven Leaf, Rose Shisha tobacco, were blended to create this blend.

Shisha tobacco flavored with blueberry and icy mint from Al-Waha HotNCold combined with wild berry flavor from Heaven Leaf Shisha teabacco.

Shisha tobacco flavored with lemon and passionfruit from Al-Summer Waha’s Air, combined with lemon-flavored tea tobacco from Heaven Leaf.

Trending Shisha Premium Online Mixes

Blueberry With Orange

Except during continental breakfasts or among health-conscious people, oranges and blueberries aren’t typically served together. So a few enthusiasts decided to combine these two contrasting flavors in the culinary and Shisha worlds to see what would happen.

Let’s say that positive outcomes occur! The sweet blueberry scent and tangy citrus undertones create a flavor profile dubbed “orange-berry,” or BLORANGE. 

It’s more enjoyable to have the Shisha sitting next to each other or stacked on top rather than mixed before firing on this combination.

Melle Mojo

Some of us were caught off guard when Al Fakher introduced Mojito as part of their first flavor assortment. This was because Mojito isn’t a conventionally flavored drink. There is a touch of sweet, refreshing mint in the Mojito mix, but the lime flavor is what makes it stand out.

Mojito and lemon juice are combined to make the Melle Mojo, then melon is added for flavor. Melon flavoring prevents the bowl from being overly bitter and heated by combining Lime and Lemon. This combination brings a delightful flavor that moves from foreground to background as you smoke.

Substitute Lemon Mint for the Lemon for a breath of fresh air.


Is today a fuh-get-ful day for you? The kind when figuring out the ideal proportions and tastes for your Shisha mix is the furthest thing from your mind? Don’t worry; experts have covered you with a unique blend we call “Fuhgetaboutit” because you can FUHGETABOUTIT when it comes to percentages.

The combination of watermelon and kiwi is delicious, but the Citrus Mint sets off the cocktail. These three ingredients are necessary for a full bowl of soup. This one requires no special handling other than the obvious: don’t eat it.

Coca Bowla

Did you know that you may find flavors like Cola in the wide world of Shisha? It is if you are still determining exactly what makes Al Fakher Cola cola.

We intend to produce a mixture that combines cherry cola with a hint of refreshing cream. However, the mint cream’s sweetness stands on its own, so you want to use the bowl sparingly.

Cola Shisha can be mixed with Cherry flavoring by simply sprinkling the latter on top of the former before blending. However, if you’re trying Cola by Al Fakher for the first time, it’s best to focus on the Cola, not the cherry. 

Now that you have some Cherry Cola, you can add some Mint Cream in little nooks and crannies around the edge or between the layers.

You can now enjoy a bowl of COCA BOWLA.


Shisha creams are a convenient and less messy alternative to traditional Shisha tobacco and tea tobacco. There is no tobacco to chop, and the tube resembles toothpaste; thus, there is far less mess than with traditional Shisha (no sticky molasses or syrup).

However, the quality of your Shisha session will vary according to the brand you order and the expertise of the sommeliers serving you. Professional sommeliers at Shisha Art can provide a memorable Shisha experience, complete with classic and innovative blends.

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