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Tread is an essential part of the tyre as it makes contact with the ground. When you look at the various tyres available in the market, you notice a difference in their tread patterns.

The tread pattern of your Yokohama Tyres Coventry is likely to impact their performance, such as how much traction they offer in different road and weather conditions and how they handle the vehicle in rough driving situations.

If you choose the right choice in tread patterns for your car, you receive:

  • Improved amount of traction
  • Improved steering ability
  • Increased durability of the car

In the same way, the appropriate type of tread pattern can influence various aspects, including tyre noise level, driving comfort, and fuel consumption rate.

Now, let’s look at the fundamental tread patterns used in tyre tread designs. In this blog, we’ll explain how the experts carefully assess the tread elements of a tyre to make a whole. Depending on how the process goes, a tyre can have two distinct layouts. One of the best examples is summer and winter tyres, which are often very different.

It’s essential to know that tyres have many different sizes. It determines the tyre’s performance, its overall appropriateness for your requirements, and its suitability for your particular vehicle. Experts recommend checking the owner’s manual to figure what tyre size is correct for your car. You can also find the manufacturer’s recommendation on the sidewall of your current tyre.

Types of Tread Patterns

Below mentioned are the three tyres of tyre tread patterns:-

Symmetric Tread Patterns – It is the most common tyre tread pattern. In symmetric tyre tread patterns, the inner and outer sides of the tread are mirror images of each other. The tread block of the tyre forms continuous ribs across the tyre. The symmetric tread pattern ensures steering control, lower rolling resistance, good directional stability, sustains high driving speeds, etc.

These tyres are ideal for use on firm road surfaces, like concrete and tarmac. The tyres online coventry of buses and trucks often comprise tyres with symmetric tread patterns.

Symmetric tyres can use any rotation method – front-to-back, full X or modified X. This tyre pattern is multi-directional. It is because you can mount the tyre on the wheel and rotate it in any direction without hampering the performance.

Asymmetric Tread Patterns – Another tread pattern type available on passenger car tyres is the asymmetric tread pattern. In this pattern, the outer and inner sides of the tyre feature different tread blocks and channels. Typically, the smaller blocks are on the internal half while the outer blocks are broader. This tread pattern design ensures enhanced overall performance, such as – dry grip, rapid water dispersal and snow traction.

The series of grooves in asymmetric tyres make water evacuating efficient. Tyres with asymmetric tread patterns provide crisp handling throughout the year. The advantages of this tyre tread pattern are reduced tread wear on the edge of the tyre, improved stability during cornering and the larger contact area ensuring excellent high-speed cornering.

Directional Tread Patterns – The directional tread pattern incorporates a series of lateral grooves at the same angle on both sides of the tyre. These grooves create a direction due to which they are called directional tread patterns. These tyre patterns are common in winter and high-performance tyres.

The V-shaped tyre tread pattern enables the tyre to disperse water more efficiently from under the contact surface area, helping boost aquaplaning resistance at fast driving speeds. The channels only work if mounted with the direction (V) and can only be rotated utilising a back-to-front and front-to-back pattern. These tyres have an arrow on the sidewall that indicates which direction they have to roll when on the car.

We hope this guide helped you know the most appropriate tread pattern for your vehicle. If not, contact us. At Coventry tyres, our professionals will provide you with the best assistance. We also stock a broad variety of Cheap Tyres Coventry. Head to our facility to shop or book your tyres online.

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