One way of widening your portfolio is exploring alternative investments, an umbrella term that covers all sorts of eclectic and unique collections, but excludes traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, cash or real estate. One of the most interesting options is the world of collectibles.

Collecting items considered collectibles is a multi-billion dollar industry. Collectibles items are expected to increase in value as time passes. So their worth is predicted to be much more than their original retail price.

However, not all collectibles can become a good investment in just a few years. Some collectibles can be more valuable than others, especially when it comes to the rarity of the item. Let’s explore which collectibles are worthy of investment and help you decide if this is an option for you.

Shoes and Sneakers
The rise of the designer shoe as a collectible is a recent phenomenon. Athletic sneakers from brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Reebok endorsed by superstar athletes such as Michael Jordan have become popular as collectibles.

Many collectors include celebrities like John Mayer, Kylie Jenner, and Mark Wahlberg, who all undoubtedly have display shelves for collectibles from many brands and designers.

Starting a shoe and sneaker collection is one of the easiest collections to start; however, you cannot use the sneakers you buy for your collection. Old pairs that have been fixed will still have a lower value than new pairs.

So make sure you buy a good pair and leave them unused and in their original packaging, storing them in an area that protects them from humidity and heat.

Movie Memorabilia
Movies have large fan followings, and so it’s no surprise that many people often choose it as a good option when starting a collection. Movie items, such as props, posters, images, toys and costumes can be a good addition to a collector.

Of course, it all depends on the movies. Most movie memorabilia items that have reached the highest value at auction depended a lot on the importance of the movie, the rarity of the item, and the nostalgia it produced in fans.

Of these, Dorothy’s ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz is considered one of the most valuable, reaching $666,000 at auction in 2000, and could be worth $2 million now. Another item that is now considered a valuable investment is the Maltese Falcon from the 1941 movie of the same name. It’s now worth more than $4 million.

Stamps are also worthy investments and do not cost much to begin one. The challenge for stamp collectors is that finding a rare stamp can be difficult to do, but when you do find one it can be worth more than you expect.

For example, the Mauritius ‘Post Office’ stamps were sold at auction in 2021 and reached a total value of $12 million, due to their rarity. This is one collection you won’t see on display shelves for collectibles!

Coins are also the easiest way to start an alternative investment. They do not require much in starting capital, but you do need to be aware of commemorative coins or coins produced in limited quantities.

You could start looking for coins that are no longer in circulation in antiques shops and stores, and start to build up a collection that could be worth more in a few years.

Collectibles can be anything of value that people can collect— from stamps, coins, and cars to the recent popularity of rare digital art. Investing in collectibles is a great way to diversify your portfolio, but they can also show off your interests when placed within attractive display shelves for collectibles. When it comes to quality pieces of modern furniture that are perfect for showing off decor and collectibles, we recommend FENLO. Visit their online store today to view all of the options they have available.

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