You may encounter wide-ranging options when looking for a reasonable Razer wireless mouse price. This post will compare the two dominating Razer solutions in the gaming world: Viper V2 Pro and Deathadder V3 Pro.

Viper V2 Pro Vs. Deathadder V3 Pro: Learning The Differences 

These high-end mice for wireless gaming have around the same weight and deliver an identical exceptional performance. The significant difference between these two mice is their shape. Those who use a claw or palm grip may prefer Deathadder, which offers a right-handed shape.

Conversely, individuals with varied hand sizes and who prefer the fingertip or claw grip may choose the symmetrical shape of the Viper V2 pro. Let us look closely at the following comparisons to see which will suit you best.

  • Multimedia And Office Use 

When looking for the best Razer wireless mouse online for office work and multimedia use, you may look for options to boost your productivity and offer portability. The Viper V2 Pro and Deathadder V3 Pro deliver excellent build quality. While the former features a symmetrical shape, the latter features a right-handed shape for a comfortable working grip.

They both feature a USB receiver for a wireless connection. The Viper V2 Pro allows you to reprogram buttons to execute various productivity activities excellently and reprogram macros with customization software. Deathadder V3 Pro also enables utilizing customization software to reprogram every button.

However, they fail to feature Bluetooth support and have no free-scrolling mode or left-right inputs.

  • Playing First-Person Shooter Video Games 

To get the most out of your Razer wireless mouse price, you may invest in the Viper V2 Pro. Given its robust build and lightweight, it has a slight upper hand in delivering better FPS video games. The symmetrical shape also adds comfort to your gameplay. The exceptional feet glide super smoothly across your desks and mousepads.

In terms of performance, Viper V2 Pro delivers beautifully. Thanks to its exceedingly low latency with every click, exceptionally lower most nominal lift-off distance, and wide CPI range. On the other hand, Deathadder V3 Pro is a fabulous FPS video game mouse because it’s light and features a fine build.

The shape will feel ergonomic and comfortable in your large-sized hands. Its feet also glide without any obstruction and supply with a consistent and precise sensor. Their click latency is exceptionally low to ensure faster movements.

  • MMO and MOBA Video Games 

Massively multiplayer online games demand a mouse featuring several customization options while supremely comfortable. A Razer wireless mouse online, like the Viper V2 Pro or Deathadder V3 Pro, makes an excellent choice for MMO video games.

While these may not feature the same number of programmable buttons as the dedicated MMO models, they offer sturdiness and a comfortable grip. In terms of performance, their click latency is incredibly low. While the Viper V2 Pro features a broadly adjustable CPI range, the Deathadder V3 Pro’s sensor is uniform and exceptionally accurate.


When talking about gaming mice, Razer is one of the leading names. When choosing between the Viper V2 Pro and Deathadder V3 Pro, you may consider the mouse shape and how comfortably it fits in your hands. You may regard your preference for grip and the games you play.

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By Russell Crowe

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