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Craig Nassi, CEO and creator of BCN Development, a New York City real estate developer, continues to amaze the city which never stops with his incredible desire for success and remarkable ability to complete projects on schedule and under budget. The firm creates a diverse range of residential and mixed-use projects which are a part of New York City’s ever-changing cityscape.

A person with many goals in his eyes started his career in education before transitioning to the real estate industry with the goal of changing people’s lifestyles.

Craig Nassi was born in New York City, did his schooling in Colorado, and got his start as a social studies teacher in a public school who also coached three different sports. His desire came true since he had always tried to teach and coach; it was his passion.

Following his career as a teacher, Craig obtained a real estate license in order to pursue a career in real estate sales and marketing. This is what inspired and formed Nassi’s BCN Development, a high-end real estate firm.

Notable Projects 

Craig Nassi has created a flourishing home development company since 1993. Craig Nassi BCN Development has a diverse portfolio of residential projects in key cities across the United States.

The Prado, The Belvedere Tower, and Beauvallon in Denver, Royalton in Houston, 315 Park Avenue South in Manhattan, The Palladio in Reno, and others are among his properties.

Prior to coming to New York, Craig Nassi worked on a number of high-profile projects, but he is most recognized for his work on Denver’s Golden Triangle. His one-of-a-kind creations altered the city’s appearance.

Nassi was in charge of one of Colorado’s biggest projects, with a total area of 750 square feet. Furthermore, Craig Nassi was picked by his peers for the “Ernst & Young Developer of the Year” granted by the State of Colorado.

Introduction to BCN Development 

Craig Nassi is the creator of BCN. This company became a leading authority in real estate development and is well-known for developing iconic structures throughout New York. Under Craig’s direction, the company has established a standard in the real estate sector since its start.

BCN Developments is identified with one-of-a-kind developments. The company was founded in 1994 and has since brought about significant improvements in the real estate industry. The firm has a track record of delivering outstanding projects all around the country.

Mr. Nassi’s Achievements 

Craig Nassi was named Ernst& Young Developer of the Year by his colleagues in Colorado in the year 2000. The award honored BCN Developments’ production of millions of square feet of diverse structures in the downtown Denver district that Nassi essentially established.

The list of honors that BCN Developments has received is infinite. BCN Developments is re-engineering the skylines of New York by using innovative and imaginative designs.


Craig is currently mentoring neighborhood youngsters and serving as a guest professor at local universities and other organizations in addition to managing BCN Developments. He lives in Manhattan with his adored wife and three kids and is a health advocate.

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