Kookaburra cricket bat manufacturers pride themselves on using only the best materials and technology to make their bats as appealing to the eye as possible. Their traditional black lacquer bat does not fade into the mists of time as many other bat types do. They offer high quality and long life to both the batsmen and coach. This brand name has an extensive product line for both the batsmen and the coach. All the products are backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

Kookaburra cricket bat products have a rich history and lineage beginning with the ancient best cricket bat manufactured by Robert Kuckstoun in 1880. Since then, the Kookaburra brand has grown to encompass a wide variety of bat styles, sizes, finishes, and materials. Each of the bat models is engineered with perfection by using today’s modern technology. A perfect blend of old world craftsmanship with modern application techniques, each piece is designed with the coach in mind. With recent high quality investment in Kookaburra cricket bat manufacturing facilities in India and the UK, the company ensures it upholds its hand on quality control, so you get a top value for your outsized shots with a bat that carries tremendous power with an astounding pick-up.

History of the bat

The company proudly calls itself “An Australia Company” and has been refining kahuna-style cricket bat lengths and shape for almost two centuries now. The history of the bat dates back to the 18th century when it was first applied to give a player extra power. No one knew at the time but the famous batsman, Prince Edward, was using this unique and exotic new weapon to gain an edge over his opponent. This discovery sparked a century long obsession with this remarkable cricket accessory and the name has stuck with the game ever since.


The most distinctive characteristic of the Kookaburra brand is that it manufactures cricket bats for players of all ages, from beginners to professionals. The company understands the need to give consumers a variety of choices, something that other brands simply refuse to do. Its mission is to manufacture cricket equipment of the highest quality and create personalized shopping experiences for its customers. For instance, there are personalized cricket balls made with the specifications of the customer. There are even personalized cricket bats that are suitable for different sports and activities to help players choose what will best help them achieve their goals.

Great performance

If you want a bat with great performance and a sleek finish that matches the most popular cricket ball colors, Kookaburra is the bat for you. They have received accolades from the Australian Sports Awards, including being named the best sporting goods product in the 2021 APG Awards. This achievement is especially noteworthy because Australia is not known for its cricketing prowess, but for manufacturing world-class sports equipment. Kookaburra has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to bats, balls and gloves.

As one would expect with an Australian company, Kookaburra cricket bat designs are available in a wide variety of styles. You can choose between a standard dynamic power shaped face or one with unbleached english willow, both featuring Kookaburra’s forged blades. The standard dynamic power shaped face features a contoured grip with textured rubber grips. The unbleached English willow features lighter weight and a standard wooden frame that makes it ideal for players who prefer a lighter bat.

Kookaburra cricket clubs

It’s not just Kookaburra cricket bats that offer bats made from their blades. If you’re looking to buy a bat, you can also choose from a range of other companies such as Callaway, Dunlop, Wilson, Dunlop and Puma. However, Kookaburra bats are manufactured in house, so you’re guaranteed to get top quality products backed by a full money back guarantee. If you want to try out a bat before you buy it, you can bring it to Kookaburra for a test drive, giving you the opportunity to see if it is as comfortable as it promises to be. If you’re happy with the way it performs, you can then purchase it from them.

One of the best things about a Kookaburra cricket ball is that you can use it regardless of whether you’re playing in an area where wickets are present or not. Unlike many other brands of cricket balls, Kookaburra offers a medium-depth club with a short handle, allowing players to use the bat in different conditions. No matter whether you’re looking for a cricket ball to use in a tournament or just want to practice in your local area, this is definitely the bat for you. The brand has been around since 1825, making it one of the oldest brands in cricket equipment. Kookaburra makes a number of other products including protective gear and scorecards, which are two of the most important pieces of equipment that any player needs.

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