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The washing machine has been an inevitable part of household chores. If you need a smooth and quick laundry experience you can now have it with a perfect washing machine from LG. LG has some of the most popular and recommended products that are best selling and affordable. The models are packed with the best features and specifications that you will enjoy to get the best laundry experience. Find out the best washing machine under 30000 with a comprehensive guide to making the right buy.

Best washing machine for you

  • LG 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (T65SKSF4Z): A fully automatic washing machine from LG with a 6.5 lg capacity is the best one for an Indian household. It is a top load and very affordable as compared to other brands. It is packed with features and the warranty for one year covers up all undesirable situations. It is a fully automatic washing machine so that there is no need for any human intervention. This one is an energy-efficient model and you can easily save a good amount of electricity consumption in the long run.
  • LG 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (T65SPSF2Z): A 6.5 kg washing machine from LG is sufficient to meet the laundry needs for average medium family size. It is a fully automatic washing and a top-load one. Here you will get amazing features like inverter technology, auto restart, prestart settings, and stand-by power save options. It is an affordable buy and the electricity consumption is very low. You can easily save a good amount on electricity bills every month.
  • LG 7 Kg fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (P7010RRAY): A 7kg fully automatic washing machine from LG is a recommended product. This one is a top load and energy-efficient model. It has a warranty deal and installation is minimal. You can easily get your laundry needs covered under this washing machine model.
  • LG FHV1408ZWB 8.0Kg, AI Direct Drive Washer with Steam & TurboWash: This is a perfect Beauty for your home that you would love to buy. It is an 8 litre capacity washing machine with features like motor washing motion optimization, turbo wash, virus-free with steam, 6 motion for better wash performance, WiFi connection, LG ThinQ and it is a black color model.
  • LG FHV1207BWW 7.0Kg, AI Direct Drive Washer with Steam TurboWash: It is a 7 Kg capacity washing machine meant for perfect washing and good capacity. The features you will find are Motor Washing Motion Optimization, which will clean in 59 mins, Virus-free with Steam, 6 Motion for better wash performance, LG ThinQ, and Wi-fi enabled.

Guide to buy the best washing machine

  • Brand: A brand like LG will help in getting the best washing machine model. LG has a good collection of top load and front load washing machine models. You will have a wide collection of fully automatic washing machines and semi-automatic washing machines. The price range is also very affordable and comes with a good warranty.
  • Features: When you invest in a washing machine you need to make the right buy. Look for all the features that you will want and use. Do not invest in any machine that you will not be using. Pay for the features that will enhance your washing needs. The features should be decided by you and not any feedback or reviews.
  • Capacity: The capacity of the washing machine needs to be decided by you after you consider the number of members and your washing style. Some run small and everyday cycles, while others go for a weekend-long cycle. You need to choose the right capacity washing machine so that you do not overload the washing drum. LG has amazing options, and the most preferable one for an Indian family is 7kg.
  • Energy efficiency: You need an energy-efficient model but the stars need to be decided based on your budget and expectations. If you are going for a 5-star energy rating model you will get the best energy saving but the budget will go up and you will be able to save in the long run.
  • Inverter technology: A washing machine is not a regular buy. It will stay with you for some good years and you need an inverter technology. It will keep your laundry going even when the electricity is down. You would certainly need an inverter washing machine. The best semi-automatic washing machine comes with an inverter technology
  • Type of washing machine: A fully automatic washing machine has been a great piece of joy to avoid any laundry hurdle. It is meant for a good laundry experience without any human intervention. Right from washing, spinning to drying the clothes, the entire process of washing is done without the need of humans. In a semi-automatic washing machine, you will find a lot of relief but little human intervention is also needed. You need to involve yourself in washing up to some extent

Finishing up

The mini washing machine price at LG is affordable as compared to other brands. If you need the best washing machine under 30000, you can get that after comparing all the models.


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