Your position at the Texas Hold’em table is your position relative to the player with the dealer’s button. Inexperienced poker players usually greatly underestimate the importance of your position. Especially at big tables with seven or more players, good positional play makes the difference between winning and losing throughout the game.

The closer the player is to the dealer,

The more information he gets about his opponents. In a very early position, with more than seven opponents, he can fold even strong pocket cards like king and queen because only one pair can get past your pocket. The same hole cards for a player in the same game in late position represent a very strong hand, assuming no high bets were made. The late player is confident that no other player has a good hole card, and these cards increase his chances of winning the entire pot.

The worst position is for the player who has to change clothes first;

Why it’s called “under the gun”. If you want to play from early position, always remember that you will still be in weak position for this hand. If you are called to a later position, act before them. It is much harder to put a bluff or a trade out of position because you will be forced to make the first move. The adjourned position and especially the dealer can study the behavior of players in previous positions and can adjust the pot according to their efforts. Players left in charge of the dealer, small and big blinds only have to act after the flop, which weakens their position later in the game.

So always pay attention to your position at the table

. In late position, you can get a bunch of free or cheap cards on the board or control your opponents. If you’re in last position, in a catbird chair and all before a call, you can take a free card or bet to test the pot, especially if you think you have the strongest hand Some scientific studies have shown that when playing 온라인홀덤 poker, the late player wins more often than the player out of position. The information players can gather about their opponents’ play allows them to adjust their play. Because the dealer button rotates clockwise, you need the players on the left more than the players on the right. You will always have the opportunity to answer them. If you have the opportunity to see your opponents before participating in the game, keep a close eye on them. If possible, try to stay to the left of the most aggressive player, because it’s much easier for you to control him from a better position.

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By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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