surrogata ucraina has emerged as a life-changing option for many hopeful parents who face fertility challenges or other circumstances preventing them from conceiving naturally. As surrogacy gains popularity, it’s crucial to consider where to embark on this journey. Choosing the right surrogacy destination is a critical decision that can significantly impact your experience, legal protection, and overall costs. In this article, we will explore some of the top surrogacy destinations around the world, each offering its own unique advantages and considerations.

The United States

The United States has long been a leading destination for surrogacy due to its well-established legal framework and advanced medical facilities. Here are some key reasons why many people choose the United States for their surrogacy journey:

Legal Clarity: The U.S. offers a consistent legal framework for surrogacy, with clear guidelines and protections for both intended parents and surrogates. Surrogacy laws vary by state, so it’s essential to choose a state with favorable laws.

Highly Qualified Medical Facilities: The country boasts world-renowned fertility clinics and medical professionals, ensuring a high level of medical care throughout the process.

Cultural Diversity: The U.S. is culturally diverse, making it easier for international intended parents to find a surrogate who shares their cultural or linguistic background.

Well-Established Surrogacy Agencies: The U.S. is home to numerous surrogacy agencies that can help match intended parents with suitable surrogates and guide them through the process.

However, it’s worth noting that surrogacy in the United States can be expensive, with costs ranging from $100,000 to $150,000 or more, depending on various factors such as location, medical expenses, and agency fees.


Ukraine has emerged as a popular surrogacy destination in recent years due to its favorable surrogacy laws and lower costs compared to many Western countries. Here are some key factors that make Ukraine an attractive choice for surrogacy:

Favorable Legal Environment: Ukraine has clear and supportive surrogacy laws that grant legal parentage to the intended parents from the moment of conception, ensuring a smooth legal process.

Affordable Surrogacy: Surrogacy costs in Ukraine are significantly lower than in Western countries, with average expenses ranging from $30,000 to $50,000.

High-Quality Medical Care: Ukraine boasts modern medical facilities and experienced fertility specialists who provide comprehensive care throughout the surrogacy journey.

English-Speaking Professionals: Many medical professionals and surrogacy agencies in Ukraine have English-speaking staff, making communication easier for international intended parents.


Russia has been a surrogacy destination for couples and individuals from various countries due to its favorable legal regulations and reasonable costs. Some reasons why people choose Russia for surrogacy include:

Supportive Legal Framework: Russian law recognizes intended parents as the legal parents of the child born via surrogacy, providing strong legal protection.

Cost-Effective: Surrogacy costs in Russia are relatively affordable, with estimated expenses ranging from $40,000 to $60,000, including medical procedures, surrogate compensation, and agency fees.

Experienced Surrogacy Professionals: Russia has a growing number of experienced fertility clinics and surrogacy agencies that cater to international intended parents.


India was once a popular destination for surrogacy but has undergone regulatory changes in recent years. While commercial surrogacy is now prohibited for foreign nationals, altruistic surrogacy remains an option. Some reasons to consider India for surrogacy include:

Cost Savings: Even with the shift towards altruistic surrogacy, India continues to offer more affordable surrogacy options compared to many Western countries.

High-Quality Medical Facilities: India has well-established medical facilities and fertility clinics with experienced professionals.

English Proficiency: Many healthcare providers and surrogacy agencies in India have English-speaking staff, facilitating communication with international intended parents.


Georgia has become a rising star in the surrogacy world due to its favorable legal framework and competitive costs. Here’s why some people opt for surrogacy in Georgia:

Supportive Legal Environment: Georgia has surrogacy-friendly laws that grant legal parentage to the intended parents, ensuring a smooth legal process.

Affordable Surrogacy: Surrogacy costs in Georgia are relatively low, with estimated expenses ranging from $35,000 to $50,000.

Experienced Professionals: The country has experienced fertility clinics and surrogacy agencies that work with international intended parents.


Greece has gained recognition as a surrogacy destination due to its supportive legal environment and excellent medical facilities. Here’s why Greece may be a suitable choice:

Surrogacy-Friendly Laws: Greece offers a clear legal framework for surrogacy, providing legal protection to intended parents.

High-Quality Medical Care: Greece has advanced medical facilities and fertility clinics staffed by experienced professionals.

Cultural Attraction: Greece’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty make it an appealing destination for intended parents who wish to combine their surrogacy journey with a unique travel experience.


Colombia is gaining recognition as a surrogacy destination due to its progressive approach to surrogacy and affordable costs. Some key factors that make Colombia an attractive option include:

Supportive Legal Environment: Colombia has progressive surrogacy laws that grant legal parentage to the intended parents.

 Affordable Surrogacy: Surrogacy costs in Colombia are competitive, making it an affordable option for many international intended parents.

Experienced Surrogacy Professionals: The country has a growing number of fertility clinics and gestación subrogada precio with experience in assisting international clients.


Choosing the right surrogacy destination is a critical decision that should be made carefully, taking into account legal protections, costs, and personal preferences. Each of the aforementioned destinations offers its own set of advantages and considerations, so it’s essential to conduct thorough research, seek professional guidance, and carefully evaluate your priorities and budget before embarking on your surrogacy journey. Regardless of the destination you choose, surrogacy can be a rewarding path to parenthood for those who are unable to conceive naturally.

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